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Alfelor chides Irigueños for ignoring quarantine

IRIGA CITY--- Do not blame me if our city will be infected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19, the chief local executive here told her constituents in a press conference recently.

Mayor Madelaine Alfelor issued the statement on Tuesday, Mar. 24 saying that persons under investigation (PUI) and monitoring (PUM) were allowed by their families to go outside of their houses and roam around the city center in violation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) regulations.

The lady mayor said, the city government and other agencies are doing their best to save Iriga from Covid-19, unfortunately there are residents who are not taking ECQ measures seriously.

She said should there be an outbreak of Covid-19 in the city, the residents should not blame her for it.

The ECQ in the city may be extended as city residents continue to urge their family members who are living in other areas to come home, Alfelor said.

"They are selfish. They are not thinking about the risk that they might bring to their family and neighbors" she lamented.

She called on residents to stay at home and obey the ECQ guidelines.

As of Mar. 18, Iriga City recorded 10 PUI. One of the PUI cases from barangay Perpetual Help has a heart condition and is in severe condition.

She said the PUI came from Cavite and did not undergo self-quarantine, despite reminders from the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).

Alfelor said that there are nine more PUIs in the city. Three PUI cases were recorded in barangay San Juan, while one PUI case each has each been recorded in La Anunciacion, Santa Teresita, San Isidro, Salvacion, San Roque, and Santa Cruz Sur.

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