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18h Moment: Urban Crisis, Food Production and Lockdown Music

Helpful tips for motorists during Lockdown. When confronted at checkpoint by enforcers: 1. Stop your vehicle in a safe place, but do not alight 2. Pull out your drivers’ license and have it ready 3. Greet the officer casually, good morning or afternoon sir or madam, show your driver’s license (don’t give it unless asked) 4. Do not asked about your infraction, they will tell you that if they want to 5. Do not argue with the officer, look at them as someone who is just doing their job, he/she will not allow to be taught on what and how to perform their tasks 6. Look at them also behind their uniforms. They are just humans with the same problems that we have. If you encounter them at a time when they have issues with their families or with other arrogant people, you will not win the argument. If your argument will end up using their firearm you are dead. Your family can report to media, have interviews and shout to the whole world that the departed is right, they can file a case in court, and they may win BUT YOU ARE DEAD. ---------------------------------- If fighting COVID 19 is a war I wonder, why the President is not assigning an Army General to head the Department of Health. ---------------------------------- The most dreadful task during this time is to be on the frontline: the health workers, garbage collectors, check point officers, food deliverers and various community workers assigned or volunteered to distribute food items to homes. With limited and less reliable protective gears they are exposed to hazards that even cause death to some. The public’s role is only prayers, simple contributions and love. But there are others who prepare to bash, denigrate and even disrespect and disobey their advice even if taken from government’s orders. ---------------------------------- In a war against a health enemy there are only three steps: 1. Identify – determine the people affected 2. Isolate – separate them from the rest of the population 3. Eliminate – treat them accordingly Successful countries have followed these simple steps. ---------------------------------- Aside from finding cure to coronavirus our next critical problem is how to feed the people especially the displaced and low-salaried workers in the cities and urban areas. One false move may result into looting and then anarchy. If this happens the government may use force to quell the trouble – then God knows what will happen. ---------------------------------- The best source of food is still in our small farming and fishing communities. But our small farmers and fishermen do not always have the resources to produce surplus. They need government assistance - and today, there is no time to lose. More than policies and concepts we need RAPID PRODUCTION PLANNING AND SERVICE DELIVERY GUIDELINES that our small producers and food distributors can understand and utilize. Then government must provide the finance and logistics to make this happen. ---------------------------------- This time in the period of our history, we don’t need Politicians. ---------------------------------- Most politicians are like Sorcerers. During campaign they are Leaders, after they win, they immediately turn into Bidders. ---------------------------------- In farness there are also politicians who can give food for thoughts. But most of them give food for a vote. ---------------------------------- The mystery of friendship in politics: if you happen to be a friend of a politician, you will have many friends. ---------------------------------- There are politicians who cannot distinguish a question seeking for exact answers, from questions asking for comments or opinions. ---------------------------------- Difference between religious & political leaders: Religious leaders are driven by faith. Most political leaders are consumed by filth. ---------------------------------- Wars are caused by bad decisions of politicians, fueled by professional agitators, supported by oligarchs of the military industry, legitimized by diplomats, but paid for by the lives of unwitting soldiers and innocent civilians ---------------------------------- After a war among countries who do you think the Victors will eliminate first: the businessmen or the traitors and troublemakers among their former enemies? ---------------------------------- Racists refer to people who hate other people because of a race. Losers refer to people who are left behind in the race. ---------------------------------- After another black won the Miss Universe title there is going to be a global trend in beauty products: from skin whitening to skin blackening. From GLUTHA to GLUTHO. ---------------------------------- This crisis has produced positive boredom, a situation when you become creative – converting your houses into tourist spots, treating your dogs like talking animals, laughing at something that is not funny, and eating 5-6 times a day. In my case aside from writing Flogs and this book I created a special FB Music-Video Program named LOCKDOWN! Please follow me giving a one-hour of useless music just to pass away our time. In this way I hope I am contributing something to the stressful uneasiness before we get crazy. STAY HOME GUYS IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO DO OUTSIDE.

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