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PNR undertakes railroad repairs

NAGA CITY --- Engineering personnel of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) are undertaking ongoing repair works of railroad tracks in preparation for the revival of its Naga City to Ligao, Albay commuter train service soon.

Greg Manio, PNR manager in Camarines Sur, however, clarified that the repair works are not part of the PNR modernization program, which will be funded by a loan from China.

In an interview, Manio said that a PNR train from Manila loaded with personal protective equipment (PPE) has arrived in Naga City on Apr. 23.

He said the PPE are intended for the 144 PNR engineering personnel who are involved in the railroad repair activities.

The train, that brought the PPE and other tools, simultaneously conducted a test run in view of the forthcoming resumption of the Naga-Ligao commuter service, Manio said.

He said the test run is necessary for the engineering personnel to find out critical spots along the railroad tracks of the Naga-Ligao line.

The Naga-Ligao commuter train, once it resumes its operation, will have two trips daily.

Manio said the commuter service is up to Ligao City only because of a problem with one of the bridges along the Ligao-Legazpi line.

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