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“La Chingada”

The unresolved question that bothers most of us today is; why does the government insist it is a friend of China?

The prerequisites for friendship are honesty and mutual respect. But in this ambiguous friendship with China—which our government compels us to embrace—is abnormally bizarre and a one-way affair. While our government is strikingly infatuated with China to the point of virtually demonstrating a shameful osculation of their smelly butt, the Chinese continue to remain mean and cruel to us.

Enumerating the Chinese countless aggression, abuses and greed for exploitation in the name of this presumed friendship by the government is literally nauseating. The latest of which was when the Chinese Coast Guard—armed to the teeth—pointed their lethal guns to our impotent Philippine Navy ship, which was peacefully patrolling our own sea. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana when asked to explain this unfortunate incident anxiously reasoned out that the Chinese Coast Guard was just “testing our Navy’s response, but didn’t intend to harm”. This shows how low and pathetic he has become.

Meanwhile, the government in most similar cases, remains to be indifferent and uncaring to the point of voluntarily defending right away the antagonistic and bullying acts of these Chinese as nothing but regrettable accidents.

However, we cannot totally condemn the likes of Sec. Lorenzana and other appointed minions in the government who consistently do this same inutile defensive posturing. They are just toeing the line that the president has drawn for them especially in regard to the treatment of Chinese. As alter egos of the president and mouthpieces of the government, speaking their minds contrary to the position of their boss means the exit door. Certainly the way it is, they fear losing their rewarding jobs more than losing their self-esteem. Never mind their twisted patriotism, it is lost in the translation. They cling like leaches to their positions and that’s all that matters. Dumb-assess!

It is sickening; moreover, that the Chinese obviously do not see and consider us as a friend, but rather like a leashed dog that follows and obeys them as many have written before. Still and all, the government endures these unimaginable humiliation and ridicule over and over again—perceived by many as desperately begging the Chinese for that elusive friendship no matter what.

Sadly, the Chinese never reciprocated this ignominious desire of the government for at least equitable treatment even after its legs are practically opened and displayed for their taking like a whore as immoral gratification in pursuit of this obnoxious goal.

On the contrary, the Chinese instead coerce and harass our Coast Guard and fishermen relentlessly in our territorial boundary even at the nexus of this pandemic. They continue fortifying clandestinely their occupied man-made islands within our territory by arming them with air-to-air missiles and other deadly guns. Undeniably, their ultimate grand scheme is the total domination and occupation of the West Philippine Sea (WPS). One day in the near future when we wake up in the morning it wouldn’t be surprising at all that the depths and richness of our sea are theirs to devour and savor alone. They already initiated the alarming first step toward that by claiming all of the WPS as part of their Hainan Province.

In the mean time, the Dept. of Foreign affairs has been filing numerous diplomatic protests at the Chinese Embassy as a show of token objection to their countless aggression and bullying inside our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). These are just treated by the Chinese as unnecessary noise though, which they completely ignore and laugh at because they view us as a wimp and yearning as always for that special friendship with them.

The president, when he first assumed office in 2016 charted a new and independent foreign policy. He said we should not be dictated by any country (purportedly referring to US which he lambasted in his many speeches for meddling in our internal affairs) and be a friend instead to all. He opened his arms and offered friendship to both Russia and China—the two other superpowers aside from U.S. Very well!

It is true that we can choose who we want as friends like his assertions. On the other hand, the ones we chose have the right to select their friends as well. This means that whom we chose will NOT automatically embrace us as a friend, and vice versa. In like manner, when a persistent suitor is seeking the affection of a young woman, he cannot openly declare yet of having a romantic relationship in the absence of a reciprocal acts from her like expressed romantic words, sensual or erotic kisses or any other way that suggests a passionate bond exists between them. Otherwise, it will just be pure imagination and foolish misconception by him that may lead, at times, to a tragic experience and leave him with no other option but to commit an unfortunate Hara-kiri.

Indeed, the government can be likened to that persistent suitor. It also vigorously pursues friendship and affection with the Chinese and envisages intimacy with them when there is none in reality. It never gets equitable and beneficial treatment ever since the president first announced his friendship with them. The idea that it has established special relationship with the Chinese is also purely imaginary and fictional at its worst. But the government is desperately defending it for whatever reason—perhaps, to evade the inevitable Hari-Kiri it faces likewise?

The Chinese outrageous aggressions and bullying done to us are already clear manifestations of their apparent refusal and rejection of this friendship claim. These are obvious acts antithetical to the conventional principles of friendship in any way, shape or form. Up until now, however, it is very difficult to have rational argument on this matter when the government turns deaf and blind to the facts in existence—its eyes wide shut to what is written on the wall.

In a relevant insight, to many indigenous tribes in South America, Doña Marina (La Malinche), an indigenous woman herself of Mexican and El Salvadorian origin was considered the ultimate traitor in their history. She betrayed her own people by being interpreter-advisor and mistress of Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquistador. She played a key role in the Spanish conquest and in the fall of the entire Aztec Empire (large part of it is now Mexico). Today, Doña Marina is often referred to as “La Chingada” in Mexico, which loosely translates as, “The fucked one.” (no profanity intent, but explicit translation is required).

To a large extent, the government—what all the rest of us make of it—in a parallel perspective to Doña Marina’s infamous title is truly nothing but the same, it too is “La Chingada”.

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