Bicol artists launch “Matugtog Kita”

SORSOGON CITY --- A group of Sorsoganon artists launched on Thursday, May 14 “Matugtog Kita!”, a song calling for local musicians to unite and stand against exploitation.

The song has been in the making since 2019 but was only completed in 2020 amid and despite the Covid-19 lockdown. The completion of the song became a passion project for the Sorsoganon musicians, which saw them through the difficulties of the lockdown.

Originally drafted by Pol Torrente and Jay Jamoralin, members of Manila-based band Plagpul, the song was enthusiastically embraced by fellow Sorsoganon musicians when Torrente and Jamoralin introduced the draft of the composition in April 2019.

With Ted Areola, Bjorn Salvador, Julius Jeresano, Rey Laurenaria (of Electrocoustic), and Veron Tayam Divina (also of Electrocoustic), they continued to write the lyrics and arrange the music long-distance.

By the time the group recorded the acoustic version on Jan. 4, 2020, the group had expanded to include MC Melton Balicano, Luis Jarabejo Jr, JE Sipoy (of Sheispale and Evita), Gary Dioquino (of Neverland and Evita), and Yen Llanera (of Sheispale and Evita).

The implementation of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon due to Covid-19 prevented Torrente and Jamoralin from returning to Sorsogon during the Lenten Season. Despite of that, the group decided to pursue finishing the song even if they were apart. It was also their way of coping with the lockdown and making their idle time productive.

The group aims to promote the local music scene and calls for institutional support for Sorsoganon artists and musicians. The members of the group believe that there is a necessity for musicians and artists to help one another and to create art and music that is relevant and meaningful to society.

The song “Matugtog Kita!” is recorded by Pol Torrente, mixed and mastered by RJ Mabilin. It can be streamed through this link: