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EDITORIAL: Adapt, Innovate, Assert

As events rapidly unfold, reality about the global corona virus pandemic is gradually sinking in. It is here to stay for a considerable period of time so that we have no choice left but to adapt to the situation.

Expecting an immediate solution to the problem—like having a vaccine to end the spread of the deadly disease is impractical. Painting a very rosy future is rather evasive of the reality. We should therefore think of ways and means to deal with what seems to be a long term crisis.

One practical step is to adapt with the circumstances obtaining which authorities term as the “new normal.” There are certain practices which for purposes of protecting our lives and of our dear ones, need to be accepted. In fact, with or without covid-19, they deserve to be regularly done.

Washing hands thoroughly, applying disinfectants constantly and observing hygienic or sanitary practices should have been the rule than an exception even prior to the pandemic

Wearing of mask regularly or maintaining social distancing and avoiding large gatherings are difficult to attain, given that man is a social being. Be that as it may, pragmatism dictates that we accept them, momentarily. Adapting then is a must.

Just how is beyond us. But innovate we must, even as we have no pretensions of any degree of expertise. Try we must though. We cannot afford the net effect of pessimism, for the sake of survival. Many innovations are a product of necessity.

The situation strongly indicates that working from home is the call of the times. This indicates that jobs and enterprises via business and process online will take center stage.

There are certain tasks though that need to be done manually. Among them are driving, hair cutting, repair of vehicles, farming, painting, plumbing, printing, steno typing, cooking and so on and so forth. Necessity however dictates that we innovate. Let the future chart its own course.

In the midst of all these predicaments, there are strong signs that vaccines against the virus have already been invented. This is manifested in the sharp rise of investments in the stock markets particularly in the U.S.A

Experts are in the thick of heightened phases leading to the final stage, hopefully by the end of July, this year, via the Moderna vaccine that deals with anti bodies that can block the virus. Japan is also releasing to the market Avigan, another anti virus drug. Europe, particularly France, does not wish being left in the scientific race too.

Consequently, let us cross our fingers as we on our own make do with innovative ideas and in a determined manner thwart any backdoor maneuver designed to lull the vulnerable by deceptively dangling the prospect of authoritarianism.

Assert our constitutionally guaranteed rights, not as subjects but as citizens of a democratic state. There are handwritings on the wall about highhandedness on the pretext of championing the general interest.

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