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Police net 4 men for illegal fishing

SIRUMA, Camarines Sur --- Police personnel here arrested four fishermen in an anti-illegal fishing operation on Monday, May 25 when they were caught in the act of using equipment that destroyed corals.

The suspects were identified by the police as: Amando Diaz, 45 and Jonnel Abiog, 29, both of Sogod, Calabanga; and Ronnie Baldorado, 37 and Estelito Carillo, 30, both of Sibobo, Calabanga.

Staff Sgt. Elvis Copaz, Siruma police station spokesperson, said that the fishermen used a fishing paraphernalia called “galadgad”.

He said galadgad is a fishing net with heavy boards attached and causes destruction to coral reefs when used.

Copaz said the use of this equipment is the concern of most fishermen, including crab catchers in the town who are affected by the illegal fishing method.

Based from the police report, the operatives recovered two units of fishing boats, two sets of galadgad, and two boxes of fish worth P500.

Copaz said the assorted fish recovered were inside two styrofoam boxes.

The suspects are now under the custody of the Siruma police station and will face criminal charges for violation of R.A. 10654 or the Anti-Illegal Fishing Law.

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