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28th MOMENT: Kabayan Beke in Trinidad &Tobago, Leftist Lions, Becoming Techno-savvy

Filipino Beke in Trinidad and Tobago:

I was assigned in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. One day I met two kababayans. We were in the Savannah when we saw a beautiful lady strolling by. I told them how beautiful the Trinidadians really are, referring to the lady. But one of our kabayans said “He is Beke, and he is Filipino!” ----------------------- In Africa I learned that lions are leftists. While on a group safari in Zimbabwe our guide taught us that if we are faced with a lion we should never stay on their front or their left side because they will easily strike. We must be always on the right side or on the tail side. He asked me to try it with a domesticated lion. I immediately volunteered my companion on my left! ----------------------- Becoming techno-savvy: While editing my work my laptop suddenly stalled. I panicked so I called a friend to ask how I can solve the problem. Not able to come to my place, my friend started asking me questions over the phone: My friend: “Are you in front of your laptop” Me: “Yes” My friend: “Is your laptop open?” Me: “Yes” My friend: “Can you see My Computer?” Me: “No. I have not seen your computer ever since.” My friend: “Oh boy, you are really in trouble!” ----------------------- Default: When I asked a friend of mine who is also a widower and an expert in information technology how did he managed his life after his wife died, he simply told me: “Brod, just go back to DEFAULT!” ----------------------- Questions: Can somebody please tell me the difference between globe, earth, international, and universe? Why is it that we want to brag not to people that we love but to people that we hate? Some people do not want to win in lotto – because they do not want to have many relatives! ----------------------- I conducted my own survey and study: The number one ambition of 9 out of 10 Filipinos is how to own a cell phone! The most famous farm animal in the Philippines is the Carabao, but few people know its scientific name. The most famous farm animal in the world is Chicken. No religion or country prohibits eating it. The modern sport of bungee jumping originated in the remote island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. All high-rise buildings do not have 13th floor. St. Lazarus hid in Cyprus to escape persecution from the Jews. ----------------------- Specialty: I took this one from a friend who told me a story: One time he went to a restaurant and asked the waiter about their SPECIALTY and the waiter said, “oh we have many kinds of TEA; jasmine tea, green tea, lemon tea”! ----------------------- How to connect with village people: When the TV series titled “Forevermore” was famous I used it as a tool to open a village meeting. My opening word would always be “How is La Presa?” (the name of the village setting of the series). When I do that the villagers will respond joyously – then I am definitely in for an easy meeting! ----------------------- Trainees and screw drivers: When I were teaching automotive in then NMYC (now TESDA) I asked the class what the difference is between a standard screwdriver and a Philip screwdriver. One trainee answered proudly: “Sir, the difference is that a standard screwdriver is used to DRIVE IN the screw, while the Philip screwdriver is used to DRIVE OUT the screw.” I drove him out of the class! ----------------------- Advice in buying endangered souvenir items: There are many souvenir items from exotic and endangered species in Africa that you would like to have. While they are prohibited there is a way to acquire them legally. For fangs of lions, tigers, leopards and others, make them as pendants and you can bring them out of the country as fashion jewelries. But you need local friends to help you look for legal source - and they could be rare. I was lucky to buy some; unfortunately, they are not for re-selling, only to be given as gifts – to exotic and endangered friends! ----------------------- How to deal with enemies and toxic people: Five “Es” how to deal with Enemies and toxic people (Instruction: Do it step by step; start from No. 1 – not from No. 5) 1. Estimate – their power and strength. 2. Ensure – that they commit more mistakes. 3. Envelope – them separately from your major concerns. 4. Eliminate – them from your list when their power diminishes. 5. Exterminate – them if they come to persist and continue to pose big threat to you and your constituents, clients, friends, partners and allies. -----------------------

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