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How to deal with uncertainties of life & find a purpose

Are we all chasing a white rabbit in our life? In a world where everyday survival is no problem for most people, why do we feel anxiety? Is the fast-paced work, home, social media, no time to reflect environment just Matrix-like illusion for our brain, and we might live in a world deprived of true meaning?

For me, looking from the outside, life was so far fulfilled with achievements.

In my 33 years, I’ve done work professionally I should be proud of. Many times I also struggled. Life taught me some harsh lessons about reality. It’s hard to explain why a professionally accomplished person has panic attacks, or anxiety in random days. There is this palpable feeling that I should be doing something else, but can’t seem to grasp that goal. As if I didn’t even start to run after my white rabbit.

In such uncertain days, I try to shrug off that feeling and continue doing my best to pursue and give my life some kind of sense. I realized some things could ease the negative feelings that come from uncertainty. It doesn’t matter if your insecurity comes from a real fear of something terrible happening like living in rough neighborhoods or countries close to war, or from your inside world in which you haven’t accomplished an undefined goal.

The physical condition can contribute to your mental wellbeing. Establish a sleep routine, and with a good night’s rest along with quality eating habits, you will feel energized. That way, when you feel the blues, you might cope with it more manageable.

Having meaningful relationships with friends and family will also boost your response to mentally challenging days. Make arrangements in your schedule to spend quality time with persons of meaning in your life. A cup of coffee with a friend might be the best form of psychotherapy.

If your white rabbit is still under an invisible cloak, try to move from a comfort zone. Go on an adventure, you might dream about, but never had the determination. Visit some beautiful place, go rafting or skydiving, swim on a distant pristine beach, or something else you could like, but never had the incentive to go through with it.

In the end, you should face your fears. What is the worst thing that could happen?

Even if it’s terrible from your perspective, the world will go on. Remember, people are much more resilient than you think. Facing uncertainty head-on might be better, than worrying behind the invisible and false shield.

What will ultimately help you with the uncertainty of life is connecting with a purpose.

Many people overcame horrible situations like war by committing to work on something important to them. You can find meaning in the beauty of nature, hobby, religion, work, or sports. Reaching a certain level of fitness can also be an excellent motivation to carry on with life with more confidence.

The worst thing you can do when you struggle to find a purpose in life is NOTHING. Try different things, get out of your comfort zone, and reward yourself with good night sleep, great time with friends, and at least your rabbit chase will be fun and full of adventure.

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