Police nab 1,153 persons in anti-gambling raids

LEGAZPI CITY --- The campaign versus illegal gambling operation went on full throttle in Bicol during the first half of this year with the arrest of 1,153 persons and the confiscation of nearly P200,000 worth of gambling bets, the report from Philippine National Police (PNP) regional office said.

Brig. Gen. Anthony Alcaneses Bicol police regional director in an interview said the arrested persons were engaged in various illegal gambling activities such as jueteng, the leading illegal number games in Bicol, STL bookies, cockfighting , mahjong, card and bingo games and cara y cruz.

The arrest and confiscation of gambling bets was the result of 326 police anti-illegal gambling operations including the filing of 277 cases with various prosecution offices during the period January to June this year. Alcaneses said to strictly implement the campaign versus illegal gambling he reiterated his warning all police provincial directors and town and city police chiefs that the standing “one strike and no take policy,” would be enforce assuring that “heads will roll” once they fail to curb all sorts of illegal activities in their respective areas.

“They shall immediately be relieved from their post and will be charged administratively if the evidence warrants,” Alcaneses said .

The movement restrictions brought about by the quarantine measures as well observance of curfew had a great impact in the illegal gambling operations. Reports have also been coming in that despite efforts to restart, people seem to have lost interest in the illegal numbers game due mainly to intensified police operations and the drastic change in everyday life.