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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “BlahBlah Lick Probinsya” (Editorial on May 14, 2020):

• Arlyn Rosero: “ Very well said”

• Rudy Baldemor “It seems that many govenment functionaries interpret BB2 as only transporting people from manila back to the provinces. That is only one part (balik probinsya). But there is one more important component (balik pagasa). That means re-energizing the rural economy. But since our colonial education and culture has forgotten community development then people does not even want to mention the terms anymore. TRAGIC NA TRAGIC.”

• Dominador Agor: “Balik probincia provided government and the private sector will provide ample job and livelihood oppurtunities to the people”

• Jesse Francis Rebustillo: “On point.”

• Dino Bagayaua: “I think there is an aspect that can work. There are industries that can be done away from the office like BPO. During the pandemic, companies were forced to test this. I think by improving the telco infrastructure in the province and maybe using incentives these can be encouraged to continue”

On “Performing Puppet Role” (Editorial on June 4, 2020):

• Reynaldo Cabrera: “DURA LEX SED LEX”

• AReiz Macaraig: “There simply is no written prohibition in any of the documents signed by IATF. And we are still a civil law country. Anyway, Bayanihan Act already lapsed in June 5”

On “Of Rubber Stamps & Sacrificial Lambs” (Editorial on June 25, 2020):

• Julieta Ebio Castaneda: “Very well said.”

• Allan Arnante: “Worth Sharing”

• Dante A. De Leon: “ On point Sir Henry.Calling a spade a spade!”

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