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32nd MOMENT: Study of Women, Men in Urinal, and Jack Trivia

There is a study among sexy and beautiful married women. Those who were married to men with great sense of humor maintained their beauty and sexiness! Those married to serious men just became successful managers! --------------------------- There is also a study I read about men: Those who flush the urinal even before they finish urinating are highly intelligent and irresistible among pretty ladies. --------------------------- Women are like policemen or fiscals. They have already all the evidence against you yet they want you to accept your fault in front of them. --------------------------- There is a trivia on Jack the Keeper, our golden retriever. My daughter wanted to name him Keeper, I wanted to call him Jack. We arrived at a compromise. He is now called JACK THE KEEPER! My daughter is trying to be a ventriloquist; she uses the dog for training. This morning she asked me to watch as she demonstrated her skill. She held Jack on the forehead and asked the dog to talk to me. True to her technique the dog said “Boss, Apple said you give her money for shopping at Uniqlo!” --------------------------- This one came from Winston Churchill: “when I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack my own country. But I make up for the lost time when I come home”. --------------------------- Narinig kong naguusap ang dalawang senior citizens: SC1, “alam mo na ba Mare na magreresign na si Father Prieto?” SC2, “ganon ba Mare? Sayang sya pa naman ang naiicip kong mag misa pag namatay ako.” SC1, “kaya bilisan mo Mare!” --------------------------- Dumping your boyfriends: To my social media lady friends who are fed up and want to dump their boyfriends; There is a book on “How to change your man without him even knowing it”. PM me if you are interested. Just be sure that you know who your boyfriend is! --------------------------- Car parking problem: One time when I returned from a 6-month mission abroad I was looking for a place to park my car in Cubao. There was a street with a No Parking sign. Tinanong ko yong guard kng pweding mag park doon. Sabi ng guard “hindi po pwede, di nyo ba nakikita ang sign?” Sabi ko eh bakit maraming nka park? Sagot sa akin “eh hindi po kasi sila nagtanong!” --------------------------- And there is this opt-repeated story of a community development worker who was on his mission in a fishing village. He found a fisherman having a siesta in a hammock. He approached the resting fisherman, and here was their conversation: CD worker: “Sir how are you? What are you doing?” Fisherman: “Oh am fine. We just finished our lunch and I am resting.” CD worker: “So when are you going out again fishing?” Fisherman: “Maybe a day after next. We still have extra fish to eat until tomorrow”. CD worker: “Why don’t go fishing tomorrow?” Fisherman: “”Why should I go fishing tomorrow?” CD worker: “So that you can catch more fish.” Fisherman: “So what if I can catch more fish?” CD worker: “Well if you can catch more fish then you can sell the extra and you can buy a bigger boat!” Fisherman: “What if I can sell extra fish and buy a bigger boat?” CD worker: “If you can buy a bigger fishing boat then you can go further to the sea and catch more fish!” Fisherman: “What If I can catch more fish?” CD worker: “Then you can have more income than you are having now!” Fisherman: “Then what will I do if I can have more income?” CD worker: “Oh, then you can rest!” Fisherman: “Oh my Gosh”! And what do you think I am doing until you interrupted me?” --------------------------- Vista Mall and Wilcon are latest additions to Naga City enterprise community. Time will tell whether this is good or bad for the local economy and for the old small entrepreneurs. Most of all whether money will be coming in or will be siphoned out from local households. --------------------------- Our Bangsamoro brothers and sisters are luckier than the rest of us Filipinos. Their fight for the BARMM has more force on the issue of people’s right to self-determination. Federalism’s battle is only on change of the status quo. The enemies of BARRM has weaker defense, the enemies of federalism are strongly fortified and well-armed with wealth and political power, no wonder federalism is dead. --------------------------- Nature is in a revolutionary mode: Coronavirus, fires, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, typhoons, floods, locusts, climate change at the arctic ad Siberia and now a news about the bubonic plague. And our solutions are war, political squabbles, and civil unrest about racism. ---------------------------

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