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Naga’s abattoir closes again due to ASF

NAGA CITY --- The city abattoir here has closed down again after six hogs from the neighboring town of San Fernando reportedly infected with African Swine Fever (ASF) were brought and slaughtered in the facility.

Dr. Junios Elad Jr., city veterinarian, said that the abattoir’s slaughtering service was moved temporarily to the city’s nursery in Barangay Carolina on Sunday, July 5.

He said on June 26 at the abattoir, several pigs were seen showing signs of weakness and were dying.

Elad, said based from the autopsy conducted, it was found out that the pigs were positive for ASF.

He said the delivery of the six hogs from Barangay Pamukid, San Fernando and Capucnasan, Milaor, were properly documented but the ASF infection was unexpected and still under investigation.

Elad said the Department of Agriculture (DA) is now investigating the sources of delivery to trace the ASF transmission.

He reminded hog raisers within the city to submit barangay and veterinary certificates to avail of the slaughtering services in the temporary slaughterhouse.

He also urged hog raisers outside the city to submit the same requirements in addition to the shipping permit issued by the Bureau of Animal Industry and certification from their local governments, proving that the sources of their pigs are cleared of ASF.

Elad clarified that butchering service of the city for beef production remains operational at the city abattoir because hoofed livestock such as cows are not affected by ASF.

The city slaughterhouse will be closed for two weeks. It is expected to reopen on July 20.

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