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33rd MOMENT: Baldness, Food Processing and Leche Flan

----------------------------- Breaking news: There is a new medicine discovered for baldness. Scientists experimented it in Rats. At last there will be no more bald Rats! ----------------------------- How to avoid trouble. While driving home my lady friend’s car stopped so she took a taxi. When she arrived home, she saw her husband making love with another woman. She called me crying and asked me for advice. I referred her to an auto repair shop! Whewww! ----------------------------- Food processing: Something to think about this Sunday. God created the animals, vegetables, fruits all fresh and edible so man will live healthy and strong in accordance with His will. Then somebody started teaching man to make corned beef, pork and beans, hamburgers, tocino, sausages, sardines, tinapa, French fries, bottled fruit juice and others? Don’t you think another supreme being is out there to sabotage what God has created? Just advance thinking. ----------------------------- The distance between Earth and Venus is only 114,839,546 million miles. If you don’t believe me go measure it yourself. ----------------------------- Economical way of making Leche Flan: Ito palang Dilis at itlog ay pareho ang food nutrients! 12 na Dilis ay katumbas ng isang itlog. Kaya kung gusto nyong makatipid sa pag gawa ng leche plan Dilis na lng gamitin nyo! ----------------------------- Eto palang AM radio ay pwede ring gamitin sa PM. Yan ang sabi ng salesgirl sa akin ng bumili ako pang brownout. ----------------------------- Wealth of the Church: It’s amazing to discover that immediately after the catholic church was officially recognized by Emperor Constantine and Charlemagne was crowned by Pope Leo III in 795 the church started to acquire wealth and a Saint, St. Bernard already criticized the Pope and Bishops for their display of wealth and arrogance which is against the teachings of Christ. History really repeats itself. ----------------------------- Young entrepreneurship: Sinong maka relate: yong tuwing alas 4 ng umaga ay punta ka na sa bakery may dala kang kahon ng carnation milk para mag alsa ng tinapay, ilalako mo sa pamamgitan ng pagsigaw ng “tinapay!”. Tapos ay babalik ka sa bakery para bayaran paninda mo bawas ang di nabili. Tawag non ay ingreso, sa English pala ay consignment? ----------------------------- On Airlines: One time while working in Mindanao, I decided to take the plane from Bongao Tawi-Tawi, the last domestic airport in southern Philippines to Manila via Zamboanga. I remembered clearly that there were no other flight destinations from Bongao except Zamboanga. Before take-off the flight attendant announced: “this is flight 654 bound for Zamboanga, those who are bound for other destinations may please disembark. ----------------------------- Sino sa inyo ang naka pagsabi ng Hi, Hello or Kumusta sa mga kakilala na naka simangot ka? ----------------------------- Strategic Management 101: The most difficult task for new leaders is Introducing and Managing Change in their organization. It needs non-traditional tools, techniques and strategies. A change agent must master them and must be able to utilize them in an infinite variety of ways. Most of all the change agent must be ready to sacrifice himself, his safety, position and family in the altar of his change audiences, most of them have been living in comfort from the old system and structure. Pity anybody who takes this challenge. But successful strategic managers are icons for case studies. ----------------------------- Nostalgic military training: Sino maka relate? Yong high school ka na at may PMT tapos ang uniform mo ay di mapalitan taon taon hangan sa nagbago na ng kulay at lumiit na, yong pantalon ay pedal pusher na at yong long sleeves ay 3/4s na, kaya nakikiusap ka na sa adviser nyo na attendance checker ka na lang at mukha ka ng alien kung sasama pa sa formation! ----------------------------- Mothers knows best: Sino maka relate? Yong ibibili ka na sapatos ng nanay mo na malaki tapos magrereklamo ka tapos sasabihin sau na ok lng yan kasi lalaki ka pa naman. Tapos sasabihin sau na lagyan na lng muna ng papel sa loob para sumikip. Totoo naman pala. Mothers knows best. ----------------------------- Dogs are not only man’s friend; they are also the best stress reliever during lockouts. The only problem is they are becoming expensive to buy now. The law of supply and demand is working. ----------------------------- I opted to stay away from the issue of ABS-CBN, focusing my time in developing tools and methodology for online training of under-privileged and marginalized groups in basic entrepreneurship and practical business planning and management. It is better than joining the debates on press freedom that is already free. ----------------------------- Nature is in a revolutionary mode, it is trying to equalize opportunities between and among creatures and human society, rich and poor, strong and weak, that is why there is no revolutionary movements going on. When God shows His anger, everyone must submit. -----------------------------

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