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Now is the time to prioritize mental health — Church official

Saying that the coronavirus pandemic is increasing psychological suffering, a Church official stressed that now is the time to prioritize mental health.

Camillian Father Dan Cancino, Executive Secretary of the Church’s Episcopal Commission on Health Care, said that the pandemic is not only attacking physical health but also mental health.

He said the past few months of quarantine has led to mental health issues, especially to the young generation.

The priest, who is also a medical doctor specializing in public health and infectious diseases, stressed the need for a “collective” effort to improve access to mental health services and support.

“It is high time to also focus our attention on mental health and give importance to it,” Fr. Cancino said in a webinar for teachers and school administrators on Tuesday.

“Let’s bring this commitment forward to really increase the awareness and the value of mental health at all levels of society,” he said.

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