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On “Displaced then Stranded” (Published on July 09, 2020):

• Erma Abina Zielke: “guibo ng ordinansya dae pig isip ang consequences.. .chaos gov‘t ruled by a derranged leader..”

• Dominador Agor: “ I see nothing wrong with the balik provincia program..pero, i suggest if i may that those LSI before they are allowed to board should have undergone swab test (not rapid test) and were found out. Not positive of the virus .para pag dating sa kanilang destination would no longer berequired to undergo the mandatory 14 day quarentine procedure.”

• Shulan Primavera: “ Is jettison to sea farers as exile to the provinces in the guise of Balik or Hatid Probinsiya is to LSI’s ? What’s the difference between Hatid Probinsiya from Balik Probinsiya?Why suspend the implementation of Balik and not of Hatid or both or neither?

In his book, “The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning” (1994), author Henry Mintzberg argues that strategy cannot be planned because planning is about analysis and strategy is about synthesis.

It now appears that the Balik or Hatid Probinsiya program is neither a strategy nor planned, as insinuated in the editorial. If there was planning, the process must have been haphazard and inadequate, hence the egregious confusion in its implementation and the glaring lack of coordination between Imperial Manila, where the LSI’s are stranded, and the receiving local government units (LGU’s). This may sound self -flagellating, but the timing for the implementation of the Balik/ Hatid Probinsiya Program amidst a raging pandemic is auspicious. It is submitted that the health and economic-generating conditions in Metro Manila are worse than the ones prevailing in the LGU’s. This explains the massive exodus of LSI’s insisting to be repatriated home, a phenomenon not witnessed in past Balik Probinsiya program.

But this is merely the beginning. This time, the LGU’s , with the full support and assistance from the national government, should insure that these LSI’s will no longer have the motivation to return to Metro Manila by providing them sufficient and lasting employment/livelihood, health, educational and other socio- economic opportunities. Maybe then strategic planning will be needed.”

• Raquel Baldoza: “I am glad that there are still statesmen left in the Phil. howerever, their inability to participate in the implementation of sound program is constrained by not having enough authority. Yet, the use of pen isn’t curtailed so”

Ini An Totoo “ On Sutil ” (Published on July 01, 2020)

• Teresita Baduya: “ Bow aq saimo manoy ernie totoong totoo an mga ataki mo .plibhasa media man tlaga makka ogma bilang aq sarong taga milaor .good luck po and god bles you po...”

• Elna Chia: “Disiplina sa sadiri sako “concern” baka lang para sa sadiri kundi pati kapamilya asin kahimanwa. Dai magparasurutil kund magsunod sa protocol. Dai na magparareklamo kundi tabangan an sadiri arog kan pagtamom nin mga gulayon na pwedeng kakanon kan pamilya o itinda para may pambakal ning iba pang kaipuhan. Dai magparahalat kan tao kan gobyerno. Sa mga naggigobierno dai na tabi magpara ambisyon ng kurakot”

• Melane Ferrer Moldes: “Tama ka t2..mga sutil, madudunong..pag nagka marati na mahagad ayuda mabasol sa gobyerno..smantalang eu ang matatagas ang pau na abong mag sunod sa mandato kan gobyerno..”

On “What the “Magic Words” Can Do”.

* Sandie Verdadero – Melvin your column is highly appreciated. I cannot fathom why our current leader of our beloved nation has serious blinder. He is stubborn about people close to him who had done wrong. He just retates their positions. A really good leader should fired them.

* Sandie Verdadero-If it were just him and his incompetent favorites, we would be doing on the list of countries to be taken seriously.

* Sandie Verdadero-Kudos to you Melvin, Judge Fronying, Cousin Ernie, Greg, Manny, Tito and other esteemed columnists. Primum Regnum Dei. Your columns are page turner and down to earth. Continue writing.