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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper

On Substantive Justice and Legal Jargons (Editorial on July 23, 2020):

• Shulan Primavera

Kudos to your editorial which I find more sobering and level headed than the views expressed by former CJ Panganiban and current Justice Secretary Guevarra. As the editorial aptly pointed out, evidence illegally obtained may come from a poisonous tree. Or, it may be a low-lying fruit which is most tempting to pluck whether it comes from a poisonous tree or not.

• Erma Abina Zielke

Taga Lagonoyon Ka Kung, Malaya Movement

• Manny Ilao

“Improve first the intelligence systems and practices”, that is a big challenge to the current enforcement folks given the current environment they got used to.

• Antonio Doblon

We see and ponder that this government is practicing tyrannical leadership in implementing ATL without the IRR. The PNP chief said that those protesters can be apprehended while ATL-IRR is not yet approved.

Though martial law is not declared yet, the suppression of human rights is existing alrerady. Such scenario is evidenced by imprisonment of De Lima and Marie Resa, EJKs and the present cabinet composed of retired Dirty Old Generals (DOGs).

• Jose Nacional

Decision in these cases will be landmark decision.

• Billy McClear

Prudence. Requires honest to goodness standards in the discharge of duties and responsibilities. Anybody can tell about anyone maliciously. Only men in uniforms and the authorities mandating its implementation is exempted and be hailed as saints carrying out uncertained actions. Deads are dead. Imprisoned by mere suspicions, unsubstantiated by orders of highly incredulous saints, are nipped, ripped, and ruined. Simple understanding of this ATL is liken how the drug war worked and yet drugs are becoming more rampant and sometimes over-supplied in volume than local rice produces. Do DRUG WAR wins? A half-truth pursuit tantamounts to a big damn lie and deceit.

Drug war is only a le-way allowing other unknown players to come in. Industry welcomes a free-entry into scheme and dead exit outfrom to play with, and nonetheless, every player knows the rule of the game nationwide.

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