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Priest assures altar repair Covid-free

The Mater Salutis Parish has assured the safety of its parishioners from Covid-19 after workers from Laguna conducted repair works on the church’s altar. Photo by Paulo Ds. Papa

NAGA CITY---The parish priest of the Mater Salutis Parish in Barangay Cararayan here has assured his parishioners of a Covid-19 free church after repair works on the altar were completed by Laguna-based workers of Vitriarcos Liturgical Arts.

In an interview, Fr. Hans Christian Borbor, the church’s parish priest told Bicol Mail that the eleven workers from Laguna who repaired the altar have health certificates from their place of origin.

The Laguna-based workers stayed at the Mater Salutis Parish from July 18-28 for the renovation of the church’s old tabernacle, which was infested by termites.

The completion of the Malter Salutis altar is in preparation for the parish 20th anniversary since its canonical erection on September 17, 2001.

Vitriarcos Liturgical Arts, the company that renovated the Mater Salutis altar, was the same firm that constructed the newly renovated altar of the Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Church in Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City.

During the renovation, daily masses were suspended, while Sunday masses were held in the covered court of Barangay Cararayan.

Borbor said the newly repaired altar is made of iron, marble, resins, fiber glass, hardiflex, and construction board.

He said the cost of the altar renovation amounted to P 1.9 million, which came from donations from wealthy individuals who requested to remain anonymous.

He said, there are few wealthy families donated to his parish for the completion of the project. He added, these families asked for anonymity.

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