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Naga’s Covid-19 task force gives updates

hundreds of Nagueños queued for travel authority every day at the Naga City People’s Mall since Naga City was placed under MGCQ. From July 31, this year, up to the present there are more than 4,200 residents of the city who were extended with travel papers by LGU Naga’s City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office in coordination with Naga City Police Office and City Health Office. VIC VILLAFLOR/CEPPIO PHOTO

NAGA CITY --- The Health Emergency Response Task Force (HERTF) of the city government here has recorded 39 active Covid-19 cases as of Aug.12, this year, bringing to 119 the total number of confirmed cases in the city with 77 recoveries and 3 deaths.

The Covid-19 fatalities were Bicol #12, Bicol #351, and Bicol #684, a male hospital staff who died on Aug.10, 2020.

The case of Bicol #684 was recorded on Aug. 10, this year, along with a 24-year-old lineman of an electric transmission corporation, who was symptomatic and found positive for SARS-CoV-2.

The patient, who lives in Barangay Cararayan where a portion lockdown was implemented, is now undergoing treatment at the City College of Naga.

In the evening of Aug. 11, the task force received three more confirmed cases: Bicol #688, a 31-year-old woman residing in Libmanan, Camarines Sur with current address at Rosal Street, Naga City Subdivision with exposure to Bicol 479; Bicol #709, a 47-year-old returning resident from Quezon City and lives in urban site in Barangay Abella and his companion, Bicol #708, a 16-year-old lass.

On Aug. 9, a house at Macaroy compound in Barangay San Felipe, which is owned by a nurse working at the Mother Seton Hospital was placed under lockdown after she was found positive for Covid-19. She was tagged as Bicol #662.

A residential house in Lomeda Subdivision was also put on lockdown after the task force’s contact tracing team found out that its occupants were exposed to the patient.

As of Wednesday (Aug. 12) afternoon, 14 areas in the city were declared on lockdown by the task force, an approach that aims to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19, the dreaded respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

Mayor Nelson Legacion, during Monday’s (Aug. 10) press briefing, lauded a certain Joshua Rodriguez, a Naga City Hospital employee, for allowing authorities to reveal his identity, which paved the way for the contact tracing team to easily identify and locate the individuals who had interactions with him.

Pharmacy assistant Rodriguez, Bicol #625, lives in Maryville Subdivision in Barangay San Felipe. His house and the pharmacy where he works were among the 14 areas placed in state of isolation by the task force since last week.

Naga’s HERTF chairperson Dr. Vito Borja said the public has nothing to worry about going to and staying at the city government-run hospital as “implementation of biosecurity measures such as the isolation of the patient’s coworkers who had primary and secondary exposures to him, and the conduct of regular disinfection in the facility are properly being undertaken.”

On hotel quarantine, the task force has recorded from July 6-Aug. 12, 161 returning residents that went on 7-day quarantine in nine hotels operating as city-accredited quarantine facilities. 156 of them were allowed to complete their 14-day quarantine at home while five were placed under monitoring.

At the JMR Coliseum, around 6,850 returning residents, locally stranded individuals, overseas Filipino workers and returning overseas Filipinos were documented and assisted to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine either in hotels, homes or city-controlled facilities.

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