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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Anti-Covid 19 Vaccine Needs some Safeguards” (Published on August 06 2020):

• Antonio Betito (The writer is a lawyer, a former municipal mayor for several terms)

“ I will never avail of it even given for free since those vaccines are live virus which will be injected into a human purportedly to develop anti bodies or to immunize the body from covid. But there is no guarantee that our body would really be immuned once injected with it as what happened in the case of Dengvaxia vaccines which were administered to healthy elementary and high school students. More than 300 of them died resulting from the vaccination.

I also doubt its effectiveness if it comes from China which is known for fake and poor quality products. Getting a vaccine from China would be a plain suicide.

In short, I rather prefer the medicine for covid like remdisivir, avigan, hydroxylchlotoquin, etc. so I would just rely on cure than a vaccine!!”

• Salvador Alcantara (The writer is still active broadcaster)

“Yan po mismo tinatakot ko if ever sapilitan. Once nag try po ako magpa Flu Shot but my doctor refused. Delikado daw sa tulad ko mahina immune system. Bka lang daw ako madisgrasya. Yan ngayon ang apprehension ko sa Covid 19 vaccine kung sakali obligahin lahat.

Nasaan na yong magna carta sa health practice na an pasyente may karapatang tumanggi sa gamot, sa doktor, hospital o operasyon.”

• Erma Abina Zielke (The writer is a Filipino residing in Germany)

“Ingat sana tabi kita sa vaccine na ini.. baka guibuhon sana kita na proband or test’s all about profit at the expense of human lives and to think it comes from China.. na bff ni Poon.. herac man kang Pilipinas.. the gov’t don’t really care for their constituents.. importante may nakupit sinda kwarta.. hanggang noarin kaya kang masa matios ang pig guibo kang mga opisyales dyan? corruption from the lowest to the highest level? look at Lebanon bankrupt na gobyerno dahil sa rampant corruption and mismanagement.. When is enough is enough??”

• Sandie Verdadero

-There is now light at the end of the tunnel. Soon an Anti Covid-19 Vaccine will be in the market. Our beloved President, a Sinophile has announced that his true friend China will provide 20 Billion pesos worth vaccine. The impending release of other vaccines from UK, Japan, EURO countries NOT ONLY China are widespread. The Filipinos can choose their preference of vaccines among these nations. Nobody can command you to take this medicine against your will. That is the essence of democracy. Personally, I have nothing against the Chinese. What IRKED me is the DISRESPECT OF NOT HONORING THE DECISION OF THE WORLD COURT TRIBUNAL. That West Philippine Sea is OURS. Our Fisherman are being deprived of their only means of livelihood in the disputed territories. China is not a friend but a bully. We should be apprehensive about Chinese-made products which are either of INFERIOR QUALITY OR SUBSTANDARD. Vaccine is a serious matter. We must think THRICE if this Chinese-made vaccine is SAFE. For me I would choose vaccines from other countries already mentioned. We should not be CURTALED of our freedom of choice. Long Live DEMOCRACY!!!

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