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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Prelude to Autocracy?” (Published on August 13 2020):

• Ramon Olaño Jr.

“Power and wealth are the cornestone of political dynasties. We lament the day when filipinos have to suffer the greed of our politicians setting aside patriotism and love for our country. These politicians are even willing to ride the tails of foreigners out to control our economic resources.”

• Roy Nelson G. Layosa

This time, pidots did not disdolve congress....both the upper and lower house. But....his presence is felt in both. Ummmm know. The cabinet....the generals could speak. Media....ummm it happened.”

• Winnie Ceas-Ventura

“Glaring truth....”

• Antonio Doblon

“Perhaps Trillanes is correct that in the near future, people who voted Duterte will realize that they are only fooled by Duterte propagandas ever since he was elected. The Solid North votes for Duterte compelled him to bury Marcos remains in the Libingan ng mga Bayani done in the middle of the night. people now realize the ineptitude and insincerity of Duterte. His minions like Panelo, Calida, GMA, Erap and even FVR are known to be masters of dirty tactics. People should start to be vigilant now until 2022 and prepare for giving small sacrifices that can build a larger mass of people who want liberty in their Nation as it is inclined to be killed slowly but surely by greedy leaders that swarm our leadership both in national and local level. Pagmata na Kita mga Tugang! Revolution against tyrants is obedience to God.”

• Raquel Claveria “ sad that this is happening in our country....”

• Manny Ilao "The qualifications to run for elected office need to change. Ability to read and write in Internet world is not good enough.”

• Hubert Vasquez

“No no no no no no no no TO CHACHA!!!”

• Ernie Verdadero

“No now. After covid yes!”

• Sandie Verdadero “The same dog, different collar.” This was what happened to the FAKE 1973 CONSTITIUTION. The late dictator and his cohorts MANEUVERED the Referendum as the people raised their hands in approval. There was no real PLEBISCITE. Here we go again, our 1987 Constitution is the target of amendments by so called HONORABLE Politicians. They want to insert economic reforms which are made to believe to be viable in this changing times. What is ALARMING and DANGEROUS are the POLITICAL and PEROSONAL motives of the proponents. They want to remove the term limits of the present elective government officials. They want to STAY IN POWER for longer term. GREED is the name of the game. They want to PERPETUATE political dynasties which is one of the causes of our economic disparity. They become wealthier while majority languished in poor category. WE SHOULD BE VIGILANT regarding the real motives of these so-called honorable proponents. NEVER AGAIN TO DECEIT and MANIPULATION. What happened to the 1973 constitution, I pray it will not happen to our 1987 Constitution. The same dogs(politician at present)different collar(proposed new constitution).

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