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Business shops required to have isolation rooms

NAGA CITY --- The Sanggunian Panlungsod here enacted last week Ordinance No. 2020-046 to strengthen the community actions being spearheaded by the city government against the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The ordinance sought to address policy gap in the implementation of health and safety protocols being imposed on commercial establishments by the Inspection and Monitoring Team of the Health Emergency Response Task Force (HERTF).

Councilor Mila S.D. Raquid-Arroyo said that “there are certain guidelines issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), which need to be incorporated in Ordinance 2020-046 in order to enable the city government to implement preventive measures during inspections even without the presence of DTI and DOLE representatives.”

INSPECTION. Two members of the “Oplan Sita” of the Naga City Health Emergency Response Task Force inspect a convenience store for compliance of safety and health protocols like observance of wearing of mask, physical distancing, presence of hand sanitizer, and temperature check of customers. JBN/REYBAYLON/CEPPIO

The new provisions include the mandatory establishment of an isolation room where employees and customers of business enterprises, who exhibit flu-like symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, or fever while at work will be required to stay until medical assistance has been provided.

The ordinance also orders business establishments to refuse access and transactions to customers, suppliers, or service providers who may display such flu-like symptoms.

The measure also decreed that it is the responsibility of the commercial establishments to provide proper and ample ventilation in workplaces and customer areas, by opening windows to allow the exchange of air within and outside of the establishment, to lower the concentration of viral agents in aerosols, or by installing appropriate equipment with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters.

Face-to-face eating or drinking by employees/workers/customers should not be allowed anywhere within the establishment, as well as the enforcement of social distancing measures in designated smoking areas.

Arroyo said the legislative action sought to further strengthen the city’s response against the continuing threat posed by Covid-19 as the community endeavors to move on with life particularly in the resumption of the economic and social activities in the community.

Business firm are also mandated to provide relevant details via printed/online contact tracing forms.

The ordinance mandated the Arts, Culture, and Tourism Office and the ICT Office to formulate a web-based system that will allow for a faster and more efficient manner of contact tracing.

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