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EDITORIAL: Agents Provocateur

There is enough ground to entertain even wild speculations on the true motive or purpose of the rumored launching of a revolutionary government, purportedly proposed to be headed by President Duterte himself. In effect its proponents are asking Mr. Duterte to rebel against himself.

For this reason alone the for the moment without evidentiary support alleged ailment rendering the chief executive incapable of performing his basic obligation to uphold and defend the constitution, is cause for concern. It is therefore almost mandatory for Mr. Duterte to show proofs that he is still in good health.

Otherwise the rumors questioning his health condition shall continue to gain momentum, which is not good for the country especially at this time of economic and health hardships affecting the entire nation.

Some are inclined to describe the movement for a revolutionary government as a mere joke. We are not amused, and those initiating it should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Its advocates are missing a very important impact of a revolutionary government as proposed by them. It would mean abolition or suspension of separation of powers. The legislative branch would be rendered the status of inutility. So with the judicial branch. The 1987 constitution which provides the constitutional guarantee for separation of powers will become nonfunctional.

In fairness, the revolutionary government proponents must have become sick and tired of the legislators, particularly those in the lower house who for every budgetary request of the executive branch find ways and means to insert provisions directly or indirectly benefiting them or their districts through certain sweeteners otherwise known as pork barrel.

If its true that Mr. Duterte himself is behind the revolutionary government movement -- a revolution from the center, assessing the administration’s overall performance of its almost four- year reign is a must.

On the flipside, sectors manifesting loyalty to Vice President Leni G. Robredo, should better restudy their stance. Are they not doing more harm than good to the political aspirations of the Bicolana’s political star? Or are they not creating a very bad picture of VP Leni of being eager beaver and overly ambitious?

To our knowledge she does not belong to that bloodline having come from humble families both from paternal and maternal sides. Let therefore fate draw its own course. After all if it is her destiny to lead this country or not, so be it.

In no case however should she be used as a tool for divisiveness. Rather, she should continue being a catalyst for national unity. Let no quarters therefore create situations that would further render heavier the burden of the already suffering people.

For the proponents of revolutionary government, here is a very crucial point--the term of their champion is bound to end constitutionally speaking after six years. If what they desire is to ensure that Mr. Duterte is able to complete his term, what gives? Nobody is questioning it anyway. That is if he is still able and capacitated to perform his duties as provided for in the constitution. The process of succession is very clear under the constitution, unless they have hidden agenda.

From the foregoing, the real motive of the group advocating for revolutionary government led by Mr. Duterte after June 30, 2022, is really thought provoking in the sense that their idol, based on the constitution and election laws has, a term limit until that date -- June 30, 2022. What are they trying to hide? Or is something seriously affecting their idol’s health?

That question is easy to answer. Mr. Duterte should as often as possible show himself to the people who he said he loves and care for so much. Otherwise the revolutionary government movement is playing nothing but a dirty joke.

As to the two opposing camps overly protective of their idols, are they not simply playing the role of an agent provocateur?

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