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Ka Fuerte awards boats to fisherfolk

“Masakit po an samuyang paghanap-buhay ngunyan urog pang nasa tahaw kita kan pandemic. Kaya pasalamat talaga kami na may arog kaining programa si Gov. Migz. Makakaraos na nanggad an pamilya mi,” shared Villardo Soñas of Brgy. Pararao, one of the fisherfolks in Balatan.

Having his sibid-sibid or small fishing boat destroyed by the typhoon, Soñas struggled to work and provide for his family. This worsens when COVID-19 hit the Philippines and the community quarantine was imposed, limiting our movements and access to basic needs.

In the continuous efforts to help ameliorate the effects of the pandemic, the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur, under the leadership of Governor Miguel Luis “Migz” Villafuerte, delivered various services under the Serbisyong Ka Fuerte to the underprivileged Camarinenses who struggled the most during the implementation of the community quarantine.

One of the Serbisyong Ka Fuerte offered by the province is the Ka Fuerte Livelihood Program that aims to provide assistance and source of income to the people of CamSur especially in this trying times. With this, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), in partnership with provincial government, through the CamSur Employment Center, distributed fiberglass boats in the municipality of Balatan on August 19, 2020. Marilyn Coralde, whose husband is a fisherman, shared the struggle of not having their own fishing boat, “Nakikigamit lang po nin bangka si agom ko. Kung pira an makua ninda, babarangaon mi. Pakatapos po ni agom magsira, ilalako ko naman po yan, ititinda.”

Soñas and Marilyn’s husband are among the sixteen fisherfolks from Brgy. Siramag, Luluasan, Coguit, Duran, and Pararao in Balatan who were able to have their very own fiberglass boats awarded personally by Governor Migz Villafuerte. Along with the fiberglass boats, each also received fishing gears which include 2 bundles of nylon netting, 2 kilograms of monofilament nylon, 2 spool pamo twine, 100 pieces rubber float, 4 kilograms lead sinker, and 1 piece plastic goggles.

“Grabe po an kaogmahan ko kan maaraman mi na saro si agom ko sa matatawanan kaining fiberglass boat. Dae mi na po kaipuhan makigamit kaya an makukua ming kita buo mi na pong makakapotan. Salamat po na maray, Gov. Migz sa tabang samuya lalo pa ngunyang masakiton an pagbuhay,” thanked Coralde.

With the pandemic causing restriction in people’s mobility, many underprivileged toiled away particularly the daily wage earners who rely solely on their day’s work to support their families. By providing means of livelihood, the provincial government does not only help its people to stay afloat in the middle of economic crisis, but also give them hope that with our collective efforts, we can rise against this crisis.

KA FUERTE LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte was present during the distribution of fiberglass boats with fishing gears and equipments to the fisherfolks of the municipality of Balatan wherein cash assistance of the DOLE TUPAD Program to the displaced fishermen due to the pandemic was also undertaken. jmts/rbmjr/mmec08252020 with photos from fb_GovMigzVillafuerte

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