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Legazpi imposes color codes for Covid level

LEGAZPI CITY --- The city Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has developed a coronavirus disease color coding alert system to identify the current Covid-19 risk level of every village.

Mayor Noel Rosal, Legazpi IATF head, on Monday, Aug. 24 issued an advisory adopting the color-coded, four-tiered risk measurement tool for the city’s 70 barangays.

He said that each color has an equivalent set of actions to take for the prevention of virus spread.

"Green" (new normal) indicates that the village has no Covid-19 case monitored but residents are advised to strictly follow health protocols such as wearing face masks, face shields, physical distancing and not holding mass gatherings.

"Yellow" (low-risk) means the barangay has one to three active cases. Under this category, the risk of infection is starting and testing and containment measures would be for identified known sources. There would be no lockdown but strict compliance with health protocols is advised.

"Yellow-orange" (moderate risk) indicates areas where four to five cases are recorded. Risk of infection is elevated and granular/area-specific lockdown could be declared in housing units, household and compound, or sub-village.

"Red" (high risk) is for villages with eight and more active Covid-19 cases. The whole village could be placed either under full lockdown or granular lockdown depending on the situation in the area.

Rosal said the use of these color codes is intended to swiftly relay critical information and assist local officials in deciding what appropriate action to take to prevent the spread of the virus in their communities.

Based on the current number of active Covid-19 cases in the city, 34 villages are under code Green; 30 are tagged under code Yellow; two villages under Yellow-orange; and four are categorized under Red.

Rosal also said certain parameters have to be met before villages under full lockdown are lifted. These include: proper identification of villagers that had close contacts or those exposed to confirmed Covid-19 cases; those who have undergone the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests; and the swab tests produced negative results. (PNA)

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