Nothing seems to be Working

So, have you already registered in that app? My sister was reluctant in giving private information. But I guess they couldn’t scam me with my address and birthday. I guess, as long as I didn’t divulge any bank account number; they couldn’t rob me. Oh, wait, I uploaded my profile photo there. I guess they won’t be pasting that face on a body of a bodybuilding hunk and have it go viral on the net, won’t they? Then I got this ID that I could supposedly show to places I go to. Apparently, it will give authorities an easier time tracing contacts of people who would test positive for Covid-19. Word is spreading that people without the ID won’t be allowed inside business establishments. I heard that City Hall is offering registration and printing services for those who couldn’t access the online application. But really? Is that even democratic? Not to mention humane? Should people not be allowed inside a shop without some privilege card? Maybe there was some misinterpretation with the card’s utilization. Maybe they won’t push people out.

I hope this is not a precursor to the mark of the beast which won’t let anyone buy any goods without some mark on the hand or the head. There’s an interesting parallelism between the ID and the mark. Some enthusiast of the signs of the times, is thinking right now, that this is a ploy to condition the public in presenting some identifying mark for purchase, to ultimately usher in the mark in the times of tribulation.

Well, whatever it is, this QR ID comes after mandatory policies on wearing face shields on public transport vehicles and work places, the directive for barriers between motorcycle driver and the rider behind, then the rule repealing it. Just recently, I heard Internet cafes would be allowed to operate. Now, I finally understand why my favourite Internet shop has not opened since the lockdown. I thought they got bankrupt or something like that. It slipped my mind that the café clients would be almost shoulder to shoulder in accessing the PC’s. Then Manila seems to be confused with itself whether to open itself up or put itself in lockdown. Then, while the powers that be are debating among themselves, the common folk go about as they desire, in relaxed regard of regulations.

Now, while I’m having a hard time inhaling and exhaling with this piece of cloth covering my nose and mouth, my vision is even more blurred with this acetate in front of my eyes, and I’m wary if I’m being socially distant enough to the guy beside me even though some plastic curtains and walls keep us apart inside the jeepney, I cannot help but wonder of the effectiveness of all these efforts. Haven’t we been at it all these for months now, in the hopes for a more virus-free society? But why are the numbers not sliding down? On the contrary, it has become an unstoppable juggernaut ever jumping up, and never dying down. They told us to cover our faces and we did. An Asian survey ranked Filipinos second most compliant to the face mask policy, next to the Nepalese. Face masks and all other Covid-19 protection paraphernalia has become a booming cottage industry to the point that scammers have crafted the crazy idea to sell used masks picked from dumps. The Filipino once again lives up to his ingeniousness. Honestly, I never thought any sane and sanitary individual could think of that. But why is it that despite being all wrapped and warped up, we’re not seeing at least some diminutive decline in the number of cases.

We’re all aware that DOH is keeping track of the number of Covid-19 cases daily, of how many thousands got infected yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I see that they have these different statistics that get my head whirling when I try to analyse them. Why don’t our highly esteemed officials add a little something to their data collection? Maybe, as they test, isolate, quarantine and treat new Covid-19 patients, maybe they can gather data on the manner of infection by which they acquired the virus? Maybe it wouldn’t take so much time to ask our fellow countrymen who have tested positive on how they got the bug? Did they get it by walking out with bare faces? Did they get it by sticking too close to someone else? Did they get it by not rubbing enough alcohol on their palms? Did they get it by missing a bath after getting home? No one has seemed to think to make a research paper on those questions. The experts, specialists and consultants should take time, sit down and ask these questions because for months now, we’ve been twisting and twirking, and nothing seems to be working.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid: do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9