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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Agents Provocateur” (Published on September 2, 2020):

• Antonio Doblon

President Duterte is confirmed to have Barret’s syndrome and may led to cancer of the throat. The RevGov plan spearheaded by Duterte supporters are complaining of the long processes in changing the form of Government to Federalism. They lost hope that the present Congress can act on it until the end of Duterte’s term in 2022. Typically, they are in panic not pondering that the people gave mandate to Duterte up to 6 years in accordance with the Constitution. Macalintal, an Election lawyer, the legal counsel of VP Robredo said that once a Revolutionary Government is declared and Duterte is installed by those who revolted, the Constitution mandates that if the President is incapacitated, or voluntarily renounced His Presidency, his successor next in rank is VP Leni and should assume and acr as the legitimate President. We are by laws for an orderly government affairs. The pandemic and its domino effect on the economy makes the traditional politicians wary of their reelection that due to greed for power they think this bad joke of installing Pres. Duterte as head of the revolutionary government they want to establish outside the bound of Fundamental Law of the Land.

• Salvador Alcantara

“Am so thankful that Isipon ta on air before is now online and on local print media.The way Atty. Henry V. Briguera discusses issues and concerns is really very interesting and clear. Besides, it is not biased as both parties are given an equal footing to visualize the bad and good effect at whatever action they might have done. In the end, Isipon ta is after for the general welfare of the Filipino people especially at this time of pandemic.

Thanks a lot Atty. Briguerra for inspiring us to understand the current situation of this country. Kudos!”

On “Calida, 4 others cited for indirect contempt” (Published on September 2, 2020):

• Hubert Vasquez

“May kalalagyan c Calida pag matigok na c digong.. dami gigil na gigil sa Kanya malapit na matigok o tigok na? Ganun din dun sa 70 ET Al!!”

• Jun Rosales

“Pambihira din naman may dahilan bakit pinasara Ang abs ginawa lang ni calida Ang trabaho Na inaatang SA kanya Kong di naman Niya ginawa Ang trabaho malamang siya naman Ang sinisisi ng maraming Pilipino mga dilawan lang naman Ang gigil SA kanya”

Ini an totoo. On “Dyario” (Published on August 25, 2020):

• Elaine P. Orong

“Very informative Ninong ko mga surat mo asin educational. Dapat may pirming pigsusurat ka po asin dapat barasahon kan mga jovenes gulping makukua asin maaraman sindang impormasyon. Thank you po. God bless you always and stay safe and healthy.”

• Jeff Caruno

“Saro pa po sir ernie sa nagpaluya kan income kan mga peryodiko, local man o national so ginibo amendment sa IRR kan procurement law (RA9184) na naging epektibo kan october 2016. Dai na po required an publication kan mga proyekto o patrabaho kan gobyerno sa newspaper.”

• Bong Franco

“Igua dae nkabale sa orolay dyaryo lokal arog kan Vox Bikol...Sir Jose Narvadez--Publisher asin Sir Jose Fernando Obias...Columnists... Atty. Fronying Maristela, Ramon Brillante, Gumersindo Villadolid etc... Bikol Tribune... Tyo Jess Fortaleza - Publisher asin Tito Levasty - Editor.. Bandillo.. Atty Bentoy Manlangit - Publisher... Amelito Belen - Editor... Bikol Star... Publisher-Romy Escalante... Aninaw... Publisher... Danny Palomares asin Iba pa...nagiromdom ko lng... Dios Mabalos...”

On “Agents Provocateur” (Editorial on August 27, 2020)

*Sandie Verdadero

-Our country (Third World) has not recovered from the economic Devastation brought about by COVID-19 Pandemic. After the WRONG TIMING proposal of CHACHA (the same dog, different collar) and now this proposal of some for REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT. This is not a joking matter. What are the motives of the proponents? Is there hidden agenda? Mayo nang MARAY MARAY NA KAISIPAN an mga taong ini. What we NEED is how to CONTAINT at least this Pandemic which is making havoc to our countrymen both in health and economy. Bring back SANITY to these proponents. Our president has fixed term until June 2022. PRAY for his health. Another illness that is RAMPANT nowadays is this CORRUPTION VIRUS. The CORRUPTS are just EXPOSED, INVESTIGATED but NEVER PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the Law. Is there tolerated corruption? No to CHACHA, No to Revolutionary Government. Long Live Freedom and Democracy!!!

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