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41st Moment: Creation, Rally and Insurance

---------------------------- All men are created equal, but not equally born. The law of nature applies only if you are natural. ---------------------------- Osho, a famous Indian teacher-philosopher has a practical advice about prayers to God. Whenever you feel some kindness or goodness it is a sign that God is with you at that very moment, so don’t hesitate, follow and do it because He may not feel it on your heart again. ---------------------------- Returning home: Me and two of my daughters decided to stay in Naga City when I ended my consultancy projects in 2017. Of course, one of the reasons is there are new Malls now in the city. Part of our concern was to repair and renovate the old house. A fire exit window was stuck up so we have to free it. My eldest daughter was complaining because the fire exit window was too small for her size (she is short but big hehehe). Her sister advised her, “Ate Jen, don’t force yourself there, use the door!” ---------------------------- Ellen DeGeneres told a story about her grandmother who started to walk 5 miles a day as her exercise when she was 60. She went on doing it until she was 97- and now they don’t know where the hell she is! ---------------------------- Sa rally may nag collapse na rallyista. Isang lalake ang lumapit at hinawakan ang pulso ng taong nag collapse. May isang babae lumapit. Babae: Tabi tabi tabi kau dyan. Nurse ako! Lalake: Miss pag dumating sa punto na kailangan na ng doctor, sabihin mo ha. Doctor ako. ---------------------------- For lovers of 3n1 coffee there is a study that the best stirrer is the sachet, roll it and use it to stir your cup - the coffee tastes better and you can even smell the aroma. ---------------------------- Accident insurance: After my car accident, where my car was declared a total wreck and the L300 van that hit me also killed to motorbike riders, my daughters did not want me to drive a car or motorbike again. But I insisted telling them that that the roaring sound of the car engine and my motorbike gives me adrenalin, and riding a motor bike strengthen all my senses. So, they agreed with their pledges: Daughter 1 – OK Dad I will get an insurance against a car accident. Daughter 2 – Me, I will get insurance against a motor bike accident. Until now they are still looking for insurance against specific causes of accidents. ---------------------------- Magic mirror: I wonder what was the result of the research team of a famous university that was working on a mirror that when you step in front of it you will be able to see the status of all your vital body system like BP, sugar, cholesterol levels, heart beat, etc. You can even see the color of your aura to tell you your overall health condition. ---------------------------- Technical innovation: Before: The pen is mightier than the sword. Then the voice became stronger than the pen. Then the TV was declared greater than the voice. Now photographs on FB are mightier, stronger, greater and more powerful than anything else: ERNIE VERDADERO, the new photojournalist. ---------------------------- Computerized strategy for moving on: I asked a friend of mine who is a computer addict and who is also a widower, how did he manage his life after he lost his wife. His answer: “Simple lang Pare, just go back to DEFAULT!” ---------------------------- Of good and evil: I believe in one theologist-philosopher that there is no devil. There is only one supreme being: God, the creator of the universe, the benevolent, the merciful, the omnipotent who gave us the gift of free will. Bad deeds are only our dreaded interpretation of our own actions that are not based on God’s model of goodness. There is no devil or Satan because God is supreme, and He is the only one! The evil things that we do is our own responsibility because of our gift of free will. So, don’t rationalize your crimes or place the blame on the devil. Just repent and ask for God’s forgiveness. ---------------------------- Now let us talk about love: A great lover once said that love is like a river, it flows on its own. You don’t have to push it or stop it. Just go and patiently wait where your affection will end. When finally you get where the river ends; a lake, a sea, the ocean, then you can enjoy the elements, swim with all your heart’s content and the water will embrace you with its warmth and will caress you with its gentleness! ---------------------------- More about love: According to the books there are two kinds of love: physical love and divine love. Like matter love also occupies space and has weight, so they cannot happen at the same place and at the same time. Either you practice it one at a time or you must select one and only one to engage in. This is supposed to be the basis for the practice of celibacy and castration! ---------------------------- In Philippines politics voters are treated like small children by politicians. They just give us toys to play while they work with Dimas, Istas and Barabas. When the children get tired with the toys the politicians will give another set of toys and expect the children to stay in the corner and play. ----------------------------

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