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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Save Philhealth Jail the Culprits” (Published on September 3, 2020):

• Sonny Boy Malate

“Being a former Social Insurance Officer lII/Spokesperson of PhilHealth CamSur I am one with the millions of members and stakeholders praying and hoping for needed reforms under its new head.”

Ini an totoo. On “Harani na an Eleksyon” (Published in Bicol Mail on September 03, 2020):

• Rommel R. Alanis “You do not Change on mid-stream..Let the Devil Salivate in the Waiting..HaHaHa..The Yellow Turds are Like Fleas Infected Dogs Scratching their Asses, Dandruffs & could even scale the walls while Wailing like Demoniacs like a Most Frivolous & Very Ambitious Woman who cannot even Articulate on her own without her Homosexual Handlers who made Her Look So-Phoney & Rediculous in Her Artificially Made-Up Outfit & Stance Complete with Eye glass & some Tomes ‘though she Seldom Reads such Heavy Stuff !!! HAHAHA”

On “A WHIFF OF PURE AIR” (Wicked Winks on September 3, 2020)

*Sandie Verdadero -President Digong while campaigning made a PROMISE to get RID OF CORRUPTION and illegal Drugs. At the beginning of the term, he fired DILG Secretary Sueno, NIA Chief Lavina and some minor govt. officials on just “A WHIFF OF CORRUPTION”. Congrats Digong! BUT NOW why he does not continue doing so…CORRUPTION is RAMPANT like a VIRUS. What HAPPENED to the case of General Albayalde and NINJA COPS? Why was the Recommendation of the Senate to PURSUE the case was not heeded? Why was the “Mañanita” PNP General was not DISCIPLINED for violation of Quaranteen Protocol? And now this PHILHEALTH Anomaly, why is Secretary Duque still on the job? The same recommendation of the Senate to file criminal charges against him, Gen. Morales, et al was not given prompt action? What is HAPPENING in this country? Is there Selective Justice? Is there TOLERATED CORRUPTION? ANO NA SIR? I was one of the 16 million who voted for you. Use your 2 remaining years to MAKE GOOD OF YOUR PROMISE to ERADICATE CORRUPTION!!! To you Melvin, the Pen is MIGHTIER than the SWORD. Primum Regnum Dei.

Answer to Sandie Verdadero’s Readers Comment “On Chinese Invasion of the Philippines” – Siling Labuyo

In response to Sandie Verdadero, I would like to offer these comments. When discussing the SCS, it is a mistake to benchmark the UNCLOS ruling because China began occupying these islands and building the artificial structures in 2012 during the time of President Benigno Aquino III. The US was with Aquino on this but could not stop China from building more structures and deploying their military armatures on these islands. Yes, the Philippines got a favorable ruling from the arbitral court but couldn’t enforce it. The ruling didn’t say who owned these islands but found Cuba’s claims preposterous. However, the reality on the ground is that China is occupying these islands and nobody could make them leave, not even the Americans!

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