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Siruma Covid-19 patient sent from hospital to jail

SIRUMA, Camarines Sur---The first resident here who tested positive for coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has been transferred from the provincial treatment facility to the provincial jail.

To recall, on July 8, 2020, police nabbed the suspect for the crime of rape.

On July 25, while detained at the Siruma Municipal Police Station (MPS), the suspect, a 32 years old male of Barangay Vito tested positive for the virus and was subsequently quarantined at the Camarines Sur Provincial Hospital in Banasi, Bula. He was known as Bicol #339.

All 23 Siruma police personnel were classified as primary contacts and placed under 14-days quarantine. As a result, the Camarines Sur Police Provincial Office deployed an augmentation force of 30 policemen to Siruma to maintain peace and order while the town’s police force was under lockdown.

In an interview, Lt. Rey Alis, Siruma MPS chief, said that on Friday, Sept. 4, police personnel picked up the patient from the hospital after he recovered from Covid-19 and transferred him to jail.

Alis said he and his men tested negative from the disease and had already completed the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

As of this writing, Siruma has three Covid-19 confirmed cases.

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