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OMG: Bishop Gainza Trade Fair in the new normal

OMG is the new face of the supposed 11th Bishop Francisco Gainza Trade Fair. The pandemic crisis did not halt our advocacy to help the micro, small and medium enterprises. Together with Department of Trade and Industry, Caritas Caceres is braving the e-commerce playing field to build a digital farm-to-market road for small but hopeful enterpreneurs. Last September 15, OMG (Online Market ni Bishop Gainza) was officially launched at the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary.

Fr. Marcel Real, the Caritas Caceres Director said, “Looking back, this annual fair started during the Tercentenary celebration of the devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia as a revival of the agro-industrial fair pioneered by Bishop Gainza himself in September 1875. Incidentally, we are gathered here and now in this building, the Obra Nueva of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary that was constructed by the same Bishop Francisco Gainza”.

OMG!!! What should we do next?! Despite all these uncertainties, one thing remains constant… The Archdiocese of Caceres, through its Social Action Ministry, the Caritas-Caceres and our co-organizer, the Dept of Trade & Industry – Cam. Sur remain committed to finding meaningful ways to address the realities and challenges faced by our people.

OMG! We’ve made it, up to this point! Today here we are, gathered once again To celebrate a new chapter in our journey, as organizers and stakeholders -- Of the annual BFGTF… now, with a Twist!

He also said: As we continue to bear the torch of Bishop Gainza’s vision In bridging the local entrepreneurs and the devotees of INA, Our Lady of Peñafrancia We shall embrace a new norm as a meaningful way to emphasize the role of the Church In poverty alleviation and social action.

When we want to find a solution to this pandemic, we need to realize that this virus knows no rules. When we Innovate, we need to remember… “there are no rules”. There are only beliefs and naysayers.

Today we embrace a New Decade… in the history of BFGTF. Through a new digital platform. Using the power of technology and digitalization, Animated by the Church’s mission for social action. We aim to continuously raise awareness for the benefit of the micro and small entrepreneurs in our communities And help them reach a wider market as time goes by.

Online buyers may visit, register and buy at “Where buying is caring.” (Indeed, OMG cares for both the buyers and sellers.) An appeal was made to the devotees of INA in the Pilgrim City of Naga, the entire Bicolandia and all over the world, as well as the buying public at large To use our online market, to shop for locally produced food, wearables, furnitures and other products. Every time you buy using this OMG platform, You are directly supporting the livelihood of our own people Every time you patronize products at OMG, You contribute to the mission of the Church for social transformation and progress.

Fr. Real also thanked the partners of the OMG: the Department of Agriculture – Region 5, now headed by Reg. Exec Dir. Rodel Tornilla for their constant and generous support, and most especially for providing their assisted farmers the opportunity to sell their produce. Our gratitude also goes to Julia Advertising and to our dear media partners and friends for helping us promote this noble project to the public. To your grace, the Most Rev. Rolly Tirona for your paternal direction and guidance that inspires me and my team to continue serving the Church and God’s people. And last but most importantly, the then – exhibitors or vendors now, and the shoppers or buyers…. you were and will remain to be the lifeblood of this program. Thank you for your continued support!)

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