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Cabbage now grows in Mt. Mayon slope

TABACO CITY, Albay--- Cabbage, a crop that requires fertile soil and cold weather is now planted and growing at the slope of Mayon Volcano in Albay province.

The soil fertilized by volcanic ashes and cold weather at the slope of Mt. Mayon help farmers to grow cabbage in Barangay Mayon Buang in this city.

Kevin Esquivel, a seaman from Legazpi City, who is now engaged in vegetable farming, started planting cabbage since his return from abroad in June this year.

He told Bicol Mail that a fellow farmer in the place influenced him to start to plant the crop in a one hectare lot, which resulted in a fruitful harvest of more than a thousand heads.

Compared to cabbages from Baguio which are sold in the markets here from P75 to P80 per kilo, Esquivel said that the locally grown cabbage has a price of P30 to P35 per kilo.

His business partner, Jerry Salcedo said that he is responsible for marketing the Albay cabbages in Camarines Sur.

He said the price of Albay cabbages in the province will depend on the marketing season.

He gave assurance that the price of Albay cabbage value will remain low for Bicolano consumers.

CABBAGE FARM. Busines partners Jerry Salcedo and Kevin Esquivel promote locally grown cabbages, which are priced lower compared to those from Baguio. PHOTO BY PAULO DS. PAPA

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