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Police arrest cop who shot friend

LEGAZPI CITY --- A policeman was arrested on Sunday (Sept. 27) night for shooting his companion at a drinking binge in Barangay Homapon this city, a police report said.

Arrested was Patrolman Rhonnel Loria, 34, married of Barangay Homapon, and a member of the Legazpi City police force, according to Capt. Dexter Panganiban, Albay police spokesperson.

Panganiban identified the victim as Restituto Millare, single, also a resident of said village.

Initial police investigation said that at around 11:55 PM, the victim and the suspect were having a drinking spree at a birthday party when suddenly the two had a heated argument prompting the suspect to draw his gun and fired at the victim.

The victim sustained a gunshot wound on his left shoulder but died while being rushed to Bicol Regional Training and Teaching (BRTTH).

The suspect voluntarily surrendered his police-issued firearm, a “Canik” 9mm pistol, which was used in shooting the victim.

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