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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Chameleonic Traits” (Published on September 24, 2020):

• Marilou Falcon:

“Nice editorial”

• Rudy Baldemor:

“Philippine history is rich with heroes, martyrs and traitors”

• Raquel Claveria:

“Very timely and well written editorial”

• Antonio Doblon:

“Chameleons abound in Cam Sur previously noted for political incest which was proven to be just a bluff. Politics of divide and conquer for perpetuation of political dynasties in every District. During Poe’s campaign in Iriga city, her fans were pressed in an almost 20km traffic, others missed their lunch. This prompted the boxed out District patron to support Duterte. When Duterte was sworn to Presidency, chameleon congressmen clumped to PDP laban for the forging of supermajority. Eventually, Sarah formed her Hugpong ng Pagbabago party and the Solon of the newly created (formed to accomodate first the son of ex president) district joined her for quest of political greed. Camouflage or changing color to be identified with the majority dimly characterize our politics based on patrons instead of principled politics. Graying John Gray’s adage: “Success lies on not what others consider to be great but on what you consider to be right”.”

Ini an totoo. On “Martial Law Kan 1972” (Published on September 24 2020):

• Salvador Alcantara

“Wow. It was well narrated. Thank you.

I was a high school student then at UNC. One of the popular student leader that time was George Dumaguin. They displayed coffin in front of UNC main gate. Some young activist joined the KM or Kabataang Makabayan.

I can recall my 2nd year.high school when the father of my classmate who is a Police Officer of Naga City was in that police team who captured Kumander Tangkad (Romulo Jallores) dead in Ateneo Ave. A certain Police Officer Aganan who lead the team if I remember it right was shot dead by Kumander Tangkad.”

• Emelito Compuesto

“Si ama ko na si ely compuesto sarong komentarist kairiba sa nagkakorolong arog ninda palmiano et al.”

• Orestes Magdaraog Sta. Clara

“yan ang buhay buhay ta kan panahon brother ernie, ano man daw sa mga maabot na panahon ang magiging buhay o storya kan buhay kan satong mga makuapo”

On “False Memories and the Martial Law Years”

- TITO, our Aden HS’ Batch ’70 was part of the TUBBELENT YEARS before and after Martial Law years. We were full of idealism and concerns of what is happening to our country then. We used to join Rallies as we marched from school to Plaza Quezon which used to be Rallying Center for activists to show their disgust against the Marcos Regime thru placards and manifestos. Some of our batchmates joined Kabataan Makabayan (KM), Lakasdiwa, Khiroo, SDK, etc. Two of our batchmates lost their lives in their own conviction to fight the dictatorship. As of this date, their bodies were never recovered as part of the thousands victims of Martial Law. Disappeared, killed and never recovered. However, sad to say that many activists all over the country like CHAMELEONS, change their colors to their own benefits. From Kabataan Makabayan to KABATAAN MAKAMARCOS, or Lakasdiwa to Lakasdila!!! After the downfall of Marcos, they joined Cory bandwagon. Nowadays, considering uncertain political climate unhampered illegal drugs, RAMPANT CORRUPTIONS, INSANE proposals for CHACHA, REVGOV, and POSRPONING 2022 elections. HOW MANY PRINCIPLED ACTIVISTS ARE LEFT? NEVER AGAIN TO DICTATORSHIP!!! Primum Regnum Dei.

Editor’s Note: The comments published herein are quoted in toto.

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