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45th MOMENT: Recession, Politicians and Taxis

--------------------------- The global recession: Globalization and international supply chain are expected to be disrupted or cut even with the intervention of the WTO. Most countries will be on stationary economics, looking inward for self-sufficiency. No less than the World Economic Forum has predicted that COVID will bring about a rural economic revolution. Hence, our economic planners must start reviewing their development paradigms: area-based planning, sector-specific focus strategies. I am still hoping that our policymakers will not be ashamed to talk about community development and the importance of our basic economic sector-farming. If they want to show their colonial class then they can use microeconomic terms – it is the same banana. --------------------------- Practical and basic economics: To fight recession we must have money in circulation. If the money reportedly stolen by corrupt officials are legally invested in the country, we will not be poor. The economic principle of money movement will operate. It is the same principle of cash transfer scheme, giving financial aid to the poor so that they can have money to spend and help the currency to circulate. So, the question is, where are the stolen money? Were they stashed out of the country? This is not only corruption but economic sabotage. The perpetrators must be brought to justice and be punished. Are the monies in the piggy banks at home? Then the government must campaign to have these piggy banks be monetized. Are these cash stuck up in the vaults of our banks? Then government must pass policies to speed up loans and sipped up deposits. --------------------------- The hardest challenge for today’s politicians is how to rise above mediocrity. For us, how to know who is mediocre and who is not. --------------------------- There are politicians who cannot distinguish a question seeking for exact answers and questions asking for comments or opinions. --------------------------- Most Christian politicians sit near the church’s altar, thinking that they will reach heaven ahead of others. But they forget that they will get out of the doors last if disaster strikes. --------------------------- Today do not expect to hear of politicians’ Virtue. Better to talk with drunkards who can free you a bottle of beer or two. --------------------------- Do you want to get even with politicians? Don’t be polite with them! Politicians are pleased when they are called Honorable. But I think the term is a combination of two words: Honor and Able! --------------------------- Confucius the great Chinese teacher has a simple philosophy in education: “To study without thinking is futile. To think without studying is dangerous”. If education is a timeless and universal human philosophy, do we still follow it today? So, we ask the question; If our present educational system is good why is there so many corrupt and incompetent leaders? Where is the problem? Is it the teacher, the subjects, the methods, or the system? --------------------------- The other talk between Bongbong and PNoy: BBng: Tingnan mo ang mga windmills namin ang ganda. Dami tourists pumopunta d2! PNoy: Pero malaki naman yata ang kunsumo nyan sa kuryente! --------------------------- Filipino ingenuity exhibited in the names of Taxis: Bigay ng ate ko Taxi Sakay na kau Taxi Utang ‘to Taxi Bayad na ‘to Taxi Anong paki mo Taxi Upgrade ko jeep ko Taxi Katas ng Saudi Taxi Katas ng Hongkong Taxi Katas ng Dubai Taxi Puro kau katas, puro kau katas pweh Taxi --------------------------- Wars are caused by bad decisions of politicians, fueled by professional agitators, supported by oligarchs of the military industry, legitimized by diplomats, but paid for by the lives of unwitting soldiers and innocent civilians. --------------------------- Computing work experience: When I was assigned in Sri Lanka to work on the post-tsunami rehabilitation, I was visited by our donor from the Belgian Development Agency. We were having dinner in the hotel when a gentleman approached us and introduced himself as also working for an international organization. In our conversation the gentleman told us that he had 20 years already of experience in working in post-crisis areas. I thought my donor guest was impressed until the guy left and he whispered to me, “Rudy, that guy is bragging about one year of experience repeated 20 times!” --------------------------- How do you avoid problems in love? Stay in a MONOTONOUS relationship. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds good. --------------------------- Advice ko lng sa mga BFF, pag bumibili kau ng karne lalo na baboy ipatanggal na nyo agad ang taba- kasi mahirap tangalin pag nakain nyo na. --------------------------- Bakit laging may team building ang mga companies? Kng laging nasisira ang team di ba dapat ay TEAM REBUILDING gawin? --------------------------- Signage in one underpass in metro manila: WATCH YOUR STEP - IF YOU SLIP, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE! ---------------------------

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