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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the Facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Pork Barrel Royalties” (Published on October 08, 2020):

• Antonio Doblon: “It’s horrifying to hostage the budget and defy a gentlemen agreement just to hold on to power. This elucidates the saying that “the greed for money is the root of all evil”. Maybe Pres. Duterte can solve it by letting his son lead the House as he stated if his allies can’t solved the squabble he will solve it by himself!”

• Raquel Claveria: “It is very upsetting when supposed leaders think and act the way they do now. There is too much greed in the system, that politicians have tunnel visions directed towards vast material and considerations. I think we have lost it.....the only way to change this system is to register and vote wisely; We may not have the numbers now, but I hope people will realize the impact of vote buying, given the kind of elected officials we have now. (Pwera delos Buenos); The enormous pork barrel coupled with the “magic” in agencies’ budget are strategies to fortify their hold in their positions. ”

• Norman Avegonza (The writer is based in USA):

“Pork barrel system still around? Love the analysis Pay Henry. Kept me updated on local politics.”

Ini an totoo. On “Edukasyon (O simpleng pagkanood)” (Published on October 8, 2020):

• Ambrosia Rejs “Pig biyade ni covid an enterong kinaban, magpoon sa pinaka poderoso asin mayaman Estados Unidos sagkod sa Bgy. Lipot, Milaor..apektado an lambang sektor nin sociodad. An makulog sa boot, pig ulang pa an edukasyon niyato. Corona Virus is not man made. Saro ining misteryo na kalaban nin lambang religion o maski mayo. An sulamenteng armas niyato iyo an pagka herak ni Jesukristo na labanan ta an satong mga kasalan asin influensiya ni lucifer...It is a deja vu of the passion of Christ..aka world war 3...”

• Wilfredo Rodriguez Jr. “Kaming manga tagabario na harayo sa centro kan banwaan dai nin UP o UST. Bakong arog saindo na urualdaw naglalaog sa universidad. An sistema samuya iyo an pigdayo kami kasu garong madre na garo bako sarong bes sana kada semana, kun minsan dai ta tolo y may kabangang kilometro an baklayon pasiring samo. Kun mauran malaboy an dalan kaya dai makaabot si mam. Maray ngani ta an manga maestra mi kaito bako Martesan buda Huevesaan na arog sa ibang bario maabot si mam Martes mahali Hueves na hapon. Kan mag laog ako nin Grade 4 duman na man ako nag eskwela sa centro kun sain kadakol nin manga bully kadaklan aki nin maestra/maestro sa centro. Si mam igua pirmi nin kapot kapot na puntiro. Kun an desk mo harayo ki mam naheling ka niang dai nagdangod sa leksyon nia laomon mo tamaan ka kan eraser na ibinongag sa direksyon mo. Maogma an eksperyencia kan estudyante kan panahon mi.”

“ON PORK BARREL LOYALTIES” (Editorial October 8, 2020)

*Sandie Verdadero Gone are the days when we elect PRINCIPLED POLITICIANS in the likes of Roco, Diokno, Arroyo, Mang Lapus, Tanada, Guingona, Aquino, etc. Principle is set aside when pork barrel is involved. Greed and Power is the name of the game at the lower house. Why is the Gentlemen Agreement between Cayetano and Velasco of term sharing was not GENTLEMANLY HONORED? Can we still call them? Gentlemen? Even, If the majority of the congressmen still want Cayetano to be their Speaker, Cayetano should have turned down the same out of Principle (Delikadesa). The President had broked to settle the intramural for Speakership, but Cayetano have not RESPECTED it. The public suspect that those who supported Cayetano were PROMISED of large share of their pork barrel. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Sir Editor that for the moment we might as well identify the contending parties belonging to the majority as the PORK BARREL Alliances, there is really GANG or SYNDICATE at the lower house. I don’t like to hear a Representative or a TONGgressman nowadays.

Editor’s Note: The comments published herein are quoted in toto.

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