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Sunday Gospel Reflection:

“Repay to Caesar what is Caesar’s and repay to God what is God’s.”

1. To avoid the trap, Jesus affirmed two spheres of our life, the secular and religious aspects. As we know, there were plenty of taxes in ancient Judea: religious and secular; roman government tax and temple tax. By this, we are reminded that we must be a faithful citizen both of our country and of heaven.

2. Justice is a virtue that asks us to give what due to others. If we deny others what is due to them, we commit a grave injustice. Justice is doing for others what you would want others do to you. As a precondition of affection and care, justice leads to genuine love.

3. Unfortunately, we are too focused on ourselves. We don’t want to recognize what is due to Ceasar and what is due to God. everything is what is due to myself! We easily complain if the government or even God fail to give what is due to us. This is the idea of entitlement! I am entitled to this, I am entitled to that.

Think and act first on what is due to others because at the end of the day, we benefit a lot if we give them what is due.

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