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Flower vendors expect profits amid Covid-19

NAGA CITY --- Fresh flower vendors here have expressed optimism that they will be able to recover from the adverse effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic with sales of flowers returning to normal under the modified general community quarantine set up and the forthcoming observance of All Saints and Souls’ Day on November 1 and 2, this year.

To recall, the imposition of community quarantine restrictions city limited the operations of different businesses including the sale of fresh flowers in the city.

In an interview, Mario Camba, president of the Naga City People’s Mall Fresh Flowers Association, said that since the beginning of modified general community quarantine period, his members were able to gradually recover their profits lost during the enhanced and general community quarantine.

FRESH FLOWERS. Flower vendors at the Naga City People’s Mall hope to recover their losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic with the expected high demand for flowers during the All Saints and Soul’s Day period. PHOTO BY PAULO DS. PAPA

He said that their day-to-day sales have returned to normal but they expect sales to peak one week before Nov. 1.

When asked about the association’s annual income, he replied that prior to Covid-19, they earned some P200,000 profit yearly. He said that they earn more from Oct. 30-Nov.1 every year when fresh flowers are in demand.

As to present prices of flowers, Camba said the Manila and Baguio flowers are priced higher compared to locally-grown flowers from Barangay Pacol, Naga City.

He said that flowers from Manila and Baguio, like the Malaysian Mums costs P260/dozen, while the locally grown Cotabato flowers like the Wonder White costs P200/dozen.

Other flowers from Pacol like Chrysanthemum sells at P50 per sapling.

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