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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Irregularities in Dep-Ed” (Published on October 15, 2020):

• Marilou Falcon

“Corruption everywhere”

Ini an totoo. On “Broadcasting sa Bikol, 1950-1972” (Published on October 15, 2020):

• Virgilio Salvador

“Brod Ernie you are the best historian as far as Bicol radio broadcasting is concerned. We admired much.”

• Gil Vilareal

“Bitin po ako sir pag basa..abangan...”

• Salvador Alcantra

“This is a local broadcast industry review.”

On “Irregularities in DepEd” (Editorial on October 15, 2020)

• Sandie Verdadero - DepEd is not SPARED from corruption like other govt. agencies (DOH, PhilHeath, DPWH, Customs, etc.). Solicitations and Donations where money are not DULY accounted for, since there are no Rules and Regulations MADE to answer for any irregularities. Voluntary contributions thru the PTA cannot ESCAPE apprehension of corruption. A rich parent who contributed some money is excused from rendering physical service in Brigada Eskwela. Money Talks. How come there are defects in the printing of the modules? Textbooks with errors? Gargantuan allocations of budget for DepEd every year are earmarked. Why is this shameful thing (IRREGULARITIES) happened? Due of course to corruption. Another virus like COVID-19 which is RAMPANT nowadays amid this pandemic. Teachers are supposed to be MOULDERS of quality education. IF THE TEACHER “FAILED TO TEACH. THE STUDENT FAILED TO LEARN”. Quality Education is declining in our country as worldwide surveys revealed because corruption infects every highly educated educator. Its more fun really in the Philippines. Quality education is SACRIFICED from quantity education. You are absolutely right, Sir Editor, Need I say more?

Sir Editor,

Apology, Mang Lapuz should be MANGLAPUZ, Representative should be REPRESENTATHIEVE.

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