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BU sets school break for 6 days

LEGAZPI CITY --- The Bicol University (BU) in Legazpi City has announced a six-day mid-term interlude to give the students and faculty members time to reinvigorate themselves as well as give them time to remember their departed loved ones, an office memorandum from the university president issued on Oct. 21 said.

Arnulfo M. Mascarinas, BU president, said the school break will run from Oct. 26-31, where he ordered all faculty members not to hold online synchronous classes or give new assignment or requirements to their students.

The six-day break may be devoted by the students in completing all their backlogs from their previous lessons and activities without any pressure of having new requirements, he said.

To recall, BU started its classes for school year 2020-2021 11 weeks ago despite the limitations caused by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Mascarinas thanked the faculty members, staff and students of the entire university for all the efforts rendered by them in making the remote learning possible despite amidst Covid-19.

Students from BU and other schools in Albay expressed dismayed over poor internet service, excessive school assignments or requirements and the unreliable power service of the Albay Power Electric Cooperative, which they said hindered their online classes.

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