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DSWD, DROMIC: Typhoon ‘Ulysses’ affects over 433,850 residents in Bicol

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Bicol in partnership with the Disaster Response Operations Monitoring and Information Center released its initial updates in connection with Typhoon “Ulysses,” which hit the entire Bicol region last Nov.11, this year.

According to information derived from their web page, as of Nov. 16, there were 433,850 persons or 133,741 families, 1,257 barangays and 87 municipalities/cities in Bicol region that were affected by the onslaught of the super typhoon.

Some 35,542 families and 140,015 people were displaced and brought to 785 evacuation centers across the region.

The information also stated that the province of Albay has the most number of persons affected by the typhoon, which has 215,974 affected persons or 58,681 families and 304 barangays with 55,221 persons displaced.

Next is the province of Camarines Sur, which has 155,009 affected persons or 39,127 families and 579 barangays with 79,792 persons displaced.

Coming in third is the province of Sorsogon, which has 30,604 affected persons or 7,554 families and 165 barangays affected with no displaced persons on the record.

Camarines Norte is next, which has 25,743 affected persons or 6,845 families and 166 barangays with 1,053 persons displaced.

Catanduanes has 3949 affected persons or 945 families and 29 affected barangays. All affected persons were displaced.

Last, Masbate has 2,571 affected persons or 589 families and 14 affected barangays. No displaced persons was reported.

The DSWD Bicol said it continues to give aid to the people affected by the typhoons.

As of Nov. 16, The DSWD said they have distributed 27,250 bags of NFA rice, 352 boxes of sardines,352 boxes of corned beef, and 62,227 pieces of 3-in-1 coffee. In terms of non-food items, the agency distributed 52 tents, 2,374 sleeping kits, 477 family kits,388 hygiene kits,1961 kitchen kits, 18,683 malong ,734 pieces of laminated sacks, 14 laminated sacks (10 meters in length ), and 21,330 blankets to victims of typhoon.

The DSWD also said that they regularly provide family food packs to persons affected by Typhoon “Ulysses.”

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