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On “Unintegrated Approach” (Editorial on October 22, 2020)

• Sandie Verdadero

DAR secretary William Dar claimed that there was no shortage of Pork. The National Meat Inspection Service depopulating policy to contain the spread of African Swine Fever coupled with rising prices of feeds, which forced swine raisers to discontinue its business will result in the shortage of pork. The shortage of pork will again lead to IMPORTATION, killing our local production. The Rice Tarrification Law was enacted to IMPORT MASSIVE rice that will profligate the market ABUNDANTLY. The price of rice was supposed to be pegged at P21 per kilo. It NEVER MATERIALIZED. The poorest of the poor was made to BELIEVE that P21 per kilo the lowest was affordable to them. Balooney!!! The lowest is P30. What happened to the deal plan of the pro-poor lady Senator, who authorized the RTL? Prices of RICE will never go down as pledged Rice Traders greedy as they are benefited from thereon. We had ENOUGH importations: SARS, COVID-19, illegal drugs, Galunggong, basura, etc. Recently, The National Briolers Association denounced plan to IMPORT meat, chicken, tilapia. We had enough resources to be used productively. We need sound policies for the betterment of our Agriculture.

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