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We are featuring comments generated by the editorial, columns and news stories published in this paper. We encourage our readers to submit their comments about the contents of this paper at or through the facebook accounts of our writers.

On “Cooperativsm in action” (Published on November 13, 2020):

• Raquel Claveria

“Walang kupas !!!! I like reading your editorials. They are informative and well written....keep safe Pay Henry V. Briguera”

• Antonio Doblon

“The problem with CASURECO is the inappropriate use of word COOPERATIVE. They have no patronage refund, and distribution net surplus. Electric Cooperatives be called private corporation. CASURECO 1 have been known in early years of 2000 to cut the consumers consumptions into two installment payments that increase in reading of metered consumptions to fool consumers. In recent years, the CASURECO 1 modus is to allow contractor meter readers to have a random no reading notices to almost 20 percent of consumers and CASURECO will charge them with excessive consumption rates of their management discretion. #DTI should arrest this illegal consumption charges because it is not based on the actual power used by consumers. Another foolish action noted before to CASURECO 1 was the charging of loss levy to consumers which penalized honest consumers with the consumed power of thieves. Many #CASURECO1 rules and regulations are inhumane and violates corporate laws and lack practice of Corporate social responsibility.”

On “Resilience not Mendicancy” (Published on November 13, 2020):

• Marilou Falcon

“Bravo! Pinabilib mo na naman ako. I especially like the last sentence of the editorial ”

• Erma Abina Zielke “hate nya pobre Filipino na promise niya i defend..Duterte Regime na pig asahan ma ayuda sainda iyo pa ang nagkakastigo inaagawan pa ng kakanon? Conscience garo mayo sa mga vocabulary ninda.. Build build para maka kickback? Mga illegal loggers dae pig kondena dahil nanginabang sinda instead mga pobre ang may kasal-an? Lalo nalugmok ang Pinas sa administration na ini.. may pag asa pa kaya Pinas? mga sunod na elected officials iyo sana isip panuon bulsa ninda? pinatuod ni Marcos vote buying kaya iyo an ang nangyari.. 100,200,500 Pesos bayad ? nahiling ko iyan last 2019 election ..ngonian dangog ko Sara Duterte/ Marcos daa? susmaryosep”

Ini an totoo. On “ Pensyon ” (Published on November 19, 2020):

• Eduardo Orbita “Dakol ng arog kaiyan nangyare, tuga kan bangko iinibistigaran….. wara man resulta. Saen madulok ang pobreng si juan”

• Apollo Almeda Villamora “Panong nangyari an arog kayan, dai dw inside job yn”

• Virgilio Salvador Good advice Ernie for pensioners.

On “Senior Moments Are Forever”

• Sandie Verdadero Two famous Space Personalities from two world powers were guests at the popular TV show which has one billion viewers around the world. The anchor asks the first guest about their greatest achievement. He humbly said they were the FIRST to LAND on the moon, explore it, got soil samples, and returned safely. The second guest was asked the same question. He arrogantly replied that they were the FIRST to launch a satellite into space with a dog abroad. Also, the first to send a spaceship with a woman. To the surprise of the audience, He stood up and ANNOUNCED that they have a GRANDIOSE plan in the future that will stock the world. They will send a manned spaceship to LAND into planet MARS!!! The anchor was DUMBFOUNDED, ASTONISHED, BEWIZDERED. He asked the HORRIBLE question, Sir DON’T YOU REALIZED that the SUNRAYS will BURN your spaceship. BEFORE IT LAND? The guest answered the question with his head up, we will send our spaceship DURING at NIGHT!!!

Note: Readers’ Comments are copied in toto.

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