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Villa Caceres Hotel mounts relief operations for Bicol victims

WHILE Bicolanos were dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, three strong typhoons—Quinta, Rolly and Ulysses—devastated many parts of the region. These left many people dead; hundreds more homeless, and without access to food or water; and many parts of the region flooded and cut off from power and other utilities.

Seeing the direness of the situation, Villa Caceres Hotel, under the leadership of its owner Robert L. Obiedo, organized a relief operation, working with various groups to gather donations in cash and kind for distribution to affected areas.

Villa Caceres Hotel thanked those who donated through the hotel for its Typhoon Relief Operations. The cash bought relief goods, that were distributed in Catanduanes, Buhi, Bula, Naga City, and in the coastal areas of Camarines Sur.

The Villa Caceres Hotel thanked these donors: Philippine Chinese General – Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. Executive Squadron through the leadership of Dr. James G. Dy—P600,000; Roquinmar John “RJ” Obiedo—P200,000; Shao and Friends—P120,000; and Mr. and Mrs. Jean Lui—P30,000.

The hotel also thanked the following: [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P30,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P25,000; Mr. Gorio —P10,000; Mr. Melecio Go—P20,000; Nancy Tan—P20,000; Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Tan—P20,000; Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Wong—P20,000; Ms. Susan Choy—P10,000; K. Kaw—P10,000; Tino and Josie Muñoz—P10,000; Ms. Zarla Po—P10,000; Engr. and Mrs. Dominador Ragas—P10,000; Engr. and Mrs. Don Santy—P10,000; Engr. Tito Simando—P10,000; Mr. Anthony Sy—P10,000; Mr. Jerry Tan—P10,000; N. Tan—P10,000; R. Tan—P10,000; Mr. Richard Tan—P10,000; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Vanessa Uy—P10,000; BMC—P10,000; V.S.—P10,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P10,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P10,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P10,000; Alex – a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P5,000; Jay and Dada Bautista—P5,000; Albert and Aisha Chua—P5,000; Marcelo and Annabelle Co—P5,000; Mr. Noel – a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P5,000; Mr. Gerry Qua—P8,600; Ed and Precious Masamayor—P5,000; Mr. Raymond Siy—P5,000; Mr. Bomcewill Tan —P5,000; Michael and Liza Tan—P5,000; Mr. Alexander Uy—P5,000; Jonathan and Jane Yu—P5,000; [Anonymous] – a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P5,000; Mr. Edmund – a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan —P4,000; [Anonymous] – a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P4,000; Mr. Andrew Yap—P3,800; Mrs. Teody Dale—P2,000; Mr. Mike Lu—P2,000; Mr. Dustin Uy—P2,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P2,000; [Anonymous] a friend of Mr. Bomcerek Tan—P2,000.

Dr. Lion Robert Sy of Manila Chinese Action Team donated 6,000 boxes of food supplement; and Producers Bank Nueva Ecija, several boxes of food items.

The Hotel also thanked the organizations who contributed manpower which sped up the distribution of these relief goods: Archdiocese of Caceres; Albay Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Ateneo Highschool Batch 85; Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Camarines Sur Medical Society; JCI Senator-Naga Chapter; Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers; Immaculate Concepcion Church; Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas-Camarines Sur; the LGUs of Lagonoy, Milaor, Pasacao and Fernando in Camarines Sur; the Naga Public Safety Office; Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Missionaries of the Poor; Peñafrancia Lion’s Club-Camarines Sur Chapter; Philippine Coast Guard and the Red Cross Camarines Sur Chapter.

(Reprint from the Business Mirror)

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