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33% of 209K Legazpi residents fully vaxxed

By Cet Dematera

One of every three Legazpi City residents is already vaccinated, Mayor Noel Rosal said on Tuesday, Oct. 19.

Quoting official documents, Rosal said that 68,209 of the city’s total population of 209,000, or 32.63 percent were already inoculated with two doses.

Rosal also took pride that 7,933 of the city’s health workers, under the A-1 category, were already fully vaccinated, while at least 10,677 seniors had completed already the two vaccine shots.

Some 21,510 persons with co-morbidities, or under the A-3 category; 24,041 essential workers under the A-4 category; and, 472 indigents under the A-5 category were already fully vaccinated, Rosal added.

There are already around 74,000 city residents that already got the first dose; even as their second dose was already put on schedule, Rosal said.

“Today we will start vaccinating those 18 years old and above, with or without QR code registration, and they would only bring their valid identification card (ID) in order for them to be accommodated in the 1,700 doses of the available Sinovac vaccine,” Rosal pointed out.

He also urged the still unvaccinated Legazpinos to get vaccinated for them to be protected from Covid-19 and also for the city to meet the target herd immunity in their communities.

Rosal said that he has no recommendation of lockdown, as he reminds the people to always follow the minimum health protocol being implemented by the government.

As of Oct. 17, Legazpi has recorded 17 cases of Covid-19 infection.


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