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48 students take oath as Naga youth officials

By Jason B. Neola

FORTY-EIGHT Nagueño students were sworn into office on Monday, April 18, as Naga City youth officials tasked to handle the operations of the city government alongside with their respective counterpart city officials.

The City Youth Officials Program was institutionalized by virtue of Ordinance 2007-008 as amended by Ordinance 2009-017, which also declared the period from April 15 to May 31 each year as City Youth Month.

Led by City Youth Mayor Jose Patricio Camato, a 2nd year chemical engineering student at the Bicol University in Legazpi City, the 2022-2023 batch of the city youth officials will include among its plans the enhancement of information literacy among the youth.

He said the program does not only offer substantial benefit to students who will be able to apply their information literacy skill to their endeavors. “Beyond college when they are already working, this kind of skill will remain beneficial to them as there are many employers who know how to value the skills and contributions from information literate individuals,” he said.

The information literacy project will allow the students to use information technologies effectively to find and manage information, and the ability to critically evaluate and ethically apply that information to solve a problem or to be able to achieve correct information or data.

City Youth Vice Mayor Luiselle Alliana Hernandez, a Grade 10 student at Saint Joseph School, said she is considering to pursue projects that will address mental health issues due to cyberbullying and toxicity in the social media.

She said a project that advocates women empowerment and support to LGBTQIA+ community is also being considered to be undertaken with her fellow city youth officials.

Outgoing City Youth Mayor Berlineth Nymia Montes said she hopes that the incoming city youth officials will see to it that the welfare and wellbeing of every Nagueño youth will always top their agenda.

SOME of the 48 students who passed the written and oral examinations for the city youth officials program as they take their oath of office with Mayor Nelson Legacion as administering officer. The program gives opportunity to the youth to handle the operations of the city government except in policy determining or requiring monetary disbursements. JBN/DONPIOPOÑADO/CEPPIO

The 2022-23 City Youth Officials: 1. Jose Patricio Bongon Camato- City Youth Mayor 2. Luiselle Alliana Garcia Hernandez- City Youth Vice Mayor 3. Trisha Mae Tandog Morata - City Youth Councilor 4. Francine Majella Relevante Papa - City Youth Councilor 5. Marie Flor Velasco Barde- City Youth Councilor 6. Rosette Erica Oco Benito- City Youth Councilor 7. Jonacel Alejandrino Agarpao- City Youth Councilor 8. Jill Rentoy Del Villar- City Youth Councilor 9. Ma. Sheryn Louielle- City Youth Councilor 10. Maria Jessaniel Correo Buena- City Youth Councilor 11. Judea Faye Baylon Belarmino- City Youth Councilor 12. Jeff Adrian Baldavia Morollano- City Youth Councilor 13. Neil Ian Andrei Lim Noriega- City Youth Councilor 14. Shane Bea Bidol Brazil- City Youth Councilor 15. Carmela de Jesus Mendoza- City Youth Administrator 16. Julia Charmee San Joaquin Villarino- City Youth Secretary to the Mayor 17. Hannah Marie Balbalosa Velasco- City Youth Secretary to the Sanggunian Panlungsod 18. Micah Noora Nazaria- City Youth Veterinarian 19. Marian Reine Ramirez Pante- City Youth Treasurer 20. Joana Piel Agna Petalio- City Youth Population and Nutrition Officer 21. Frances Rona Velda Pesito- City Youth Public Safety Officer 22. Rennel Jean Buenavente Lagrimas- City Youth Persons with Disability Affairs Officer 23. Jude Dane Olayres Plantado- City Youth Solid Waste Mgt. Officer 24. Roxanne Bragais Gil- City Youth Social Welfare & Dev’t Officer 25. Ninna Cabrera Nasayao- City Youth Senior Citizens Affairs Executive Officer 26. Joan Marie Bascon de Leon- City Youth Bicol Science & Technology Centrum Administrator 27. Ricci Kayla Solibet Orlin- City Youth Metro PESO Manager 28. Luis Alexander Sardalla Lapid- City Youth Market Superintendent 29. Alyssa Mae Apin Villaluz- City Youth Lingkod Barangay Office 30. Michaela Mae Henera Toribio- City Youth Librarian 31. Kheren Blanca Ombao Cordenete- City Youth Events, Protocol, and Public Information Officer 32. Feliciano Viñas Senosin II- City Youth Legal Officer 33. Denn Ramiro Escuro Fortuna- City Youth Human Resource Management Officer 34. Vanni Mae Caigas de Chavez- City Youth Housing & Settlements Dev’t Officer 35. Philip Martin Navarro Guerrero- City Youth Planning and Dev’t Officer 36. Gayle Simoune Nieves Baturiano- City Youth Chief of Hospital 37. Fatima Republo Bandojo- City Youth Health Officer 38. Mariae Keena Ramboyong Senosin- City Youth Abattoir Administrator 39. John Rafael Paga San Jose- City Youth General Services Officer 40. Jan Wayne Cezar Surabia- City Youth Education, Scholarship, and Sports Officer 41. John Edmar Callos Pereyra- City Youth Engineer 42. John Mark Capinpin dela Soledad- City Youth Civil Registrar 43. Matthew Joseff Barja Bazar- City Youth ENR Officer 44. Keith Neil Xavier Christy Señido- City Youth Budget Officer 45. Rica Angela Villarosa Magalona- City Youth Assessor 46. Vezhia Mae Nivales Abella- City Youth Agriculturist 47. Arnel Trinchera Borja Jr.- City Youth Accountant 48. Johndrew Cortez Barbosa- City Youth Information Technology Officer.


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