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49 IB seizes buried APM, ammos in Albay

By Ana-Liza Macatangay

PILI, Camarines Sur --- 9TH Infantry “SPEAR” Division and Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB) Commander MGEN Adonis Bajao lauded the members of the 49th Infantry Battalion after they recovered buried anti-personnel mines and ammunitions in the hinterlands of Brgy. San Antonio, Oas in the province of Albay.

MGEN Bajao lamented the Communist Terrorist Group’s (CTG) failure to take into account the possibility that the explosives could inadvertently inflict harm and irreversible damage to the community had it accidentally exploded.

“Tila po hindi isinasaalang-alang ng Communist Terrorist Group ang peligrong dulot nito sa komunidad. Ang mga nadiskobre po ng mga sundalo na mga pampasabog at mga bala ay napaka-delikado lalo na sa mga inosente nating kababayan (The Communist Terrorist Group undermined the safety of the civilians),” Bajao stated.

Members of the 49th IB recovered concealed eight (8) anti-personnel mines, 1,747 pieced of ammunition, and 180 meters of electrical wires at the aforesaid barangay on Feb. 25, Friday.

Concealed war materials found by members of the 49th Infantry Battalion in Brgy. San Antonio, Oas, Albay. Photo credits: 9PAO, 9SpearDivision

The Commanding General stated that the use, storage and production of anti-personnel mines is considered as a war crime and a clear violation of the Mine Ban Treaty signed during the Geneva Convention in 1949.

“Hindi po basta-basta ang mga kagamitang ito lalo na’t ang mga bomba ay maaring sumabog kahit ano mang oras at magdulot ng matinding pinsala sa buhay ng mga inosente nating kababayan (These are not ordinary war explosives. It can detonate and set off anytime once triggered and could harm the lives of innocent civilians),” Bajao added.

In a press statement, the Division Public Affairs Office (DPAO) stated that the said war materials, which were discovered by members of the 49th IB while conducting their regular security patrol in the area, could have been buried by the fleeing CTG members during the Feb. 15 encounter in Brgy. Ramay, in Oas, Albay.

2Lt. Nico Malcampo was killed and four other soldiers were wounded during the said encounter.

MGEN Bajao reassured the community that they have tightened the security in the said area to prevent injuries to civilians. He directed the SPEAR troopers to thoroughly check the perimeter if there are still war explosives hidden in surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the community.


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