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6 yield positive for shabu in a series of drug tests on City Hall workers

By Jordan Domingo

SIX employees of the city government of Naga were found to be positive for shabu in a series of drug tests conducted 7 days after a garbage truck driver working at the Solid Waste Management Office (SWMO) was apprehended on January 8, this year, in a buy-bust operation staged by personnel of the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

The string of drug tests being conducted at the Naga City Hospital was ordered by Mayor Nelson Legacion who strongly campaigns against illegal drugs, one of the major components of his administration’s effort to achieve a peaceful, safe and orderly city.

The 6 city hall workers are among the several hundreds of casual, contractual, and job order employees who underwent the test that is expected to finish two weeks from now.

Mayor Nolseon Legacion during a media interview.

“Next in line are the permanent employees including department heads and chief of offices,” Legacion said during an interview on Monday, January 30, this year.

After tested positive for methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu, each of the 6 employees were ordered to submit themselves for confirmatory tests.

A confirmatory drug test is a second test conducted after drugs have been detected during an initial drug screening test. This confirmation test is performed on a different sample, or aliquot, taken from the same specimen. The confirmatory drug test is used to determine the type and quantity of drug or drug metabolite present in the sample.


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