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72-year old grandma survives axe attack

By Paulo DS. Papa

A septuagenarian woman who was hacked several times in the head with an axe on Monday, June 14 in Barangay La Opinion, Nabua, Camarines Sur, luckily survived the attacked, a police report said.

MSgt. Rean Sirios Lopez, investigator of the Nabua Municipal Police Station, identified the victim as Asuncion Acabado-Obis, 72, who was attacked by the suspect, Juan Obis, 65 of the same village.

In an interview, Lopez told Bicol Mail that the suspect, armed with a hatchet axe, entered the house of the victim and hacked the latter several times in her head. He said the motive behind the attack is a land dispute between the two.

Lopez said that based from the statement of suspect, the victim threatened him that he will be killed soon. For fear of being killed first, the suspect attacked the victim first,

According to the statement of the suspect, he patiently waited for the victim to open her door that morning. When the victim opened her door, he entered and hacked the woman.

The victim, Lopez said, suffered some eight hack wounds in the head. The X-ray result of the victim showed cracks in the upper parietal of her skull while some parts of her lower parietal and occipital (back side of human skull) were crushed.

The suspect who is in police custody faces a frustrated murder case.


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