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75% of Sorsogon healthcare workers get Covid-19 shots

By Marlon B. Atun

The provincial office here of the Department of Health (DoH) disclosed that it has reached 74.21 percent of inoculation for the healthcare workers (HCWs) in the province of Sorsogon as of May 31, 2021.

According to Dr. Gladys Escote, DOH Sorsogon provincial head, there are still 2, 994 remaining unvaccinated health care workers categorized as A1 in the province out of 11,607 listed HCWs. Nonetheless, majority of the vaccinated persons under A1, A2 and A3 priorities have been given the first shot of vaccines. In fact, there were HCWs and senior citizens who have already been given the second shots.

Based on the statistics provided by DOH Sorsogon, the biggest number of HCWs vaccinated were in Sorsogon City with 113.42 percent vaccination rate comprising of 2,865 individuals. This exceeded the number of HCWs previously listed under A1 category which was 2,526.

The municipality of Pilar had the least number of vaccinated HCWs with 263 or 29.95 percent of 878 individuals.

The municipality with the least number of HCWs to be vaccinated is Santa Magdalena, the smallest town in Sorsogon. Sta. Magdalena has only 254 listed HCWs, 239 or 94.09 percent of whom have been already vaccinated.

For the A2 category, the DOH Sorsogon reported that 12.39 percent of the target population were vaccinated as of end of May 2021. The report also showed that only 421 have been vaccinated out of 48,638 listed under the A2 category or the senior citizen category. In sum, there are still 42,611 senior citizens who remained unvaccinated.

Sta. Magdalena being the smallest town had the least number of senior citizens with only 1,921, 356 or 18.53 percent of them have received the first dose. The town of Sta. Magdalena has the highest number of vaccinated senior citizens in the province.

The current percentage of first dose vaccinated individuals under the category A3 or those persons with known comorbidity is quite higher than the A2 priority that will receive the jabs. DOH Sorsogon have achieved 26.12 percent of 14,536 listed priority under A3 category with remaining 10,738 that are still to be vaccinated soon. (PIA5/Sorsogon)

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